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Kanchi’s Opinion About Good Earth Store Visit

LCBS arranged a visit for our batch PGDLM 2016-17 to Good Earth- a place of true Luxury of Everyday Living. As I walked inside the store I was so mesmerized to see the surroundings of store. Store was surrounded by the things that were Natural and Hand-crafted with designs that delight the senses and elevate the soul. The aura of the store felt like meditation center to me. Energy and the peace, which is required to meditate was there inside the store. I met Mrs. Saswati Roy, VP Wholesale and Export, she told us about the Anita Lal (Founder & Creative Director) and how she got inspired and started her journey to give joy everyday to people by her products, Design and values. She spoke to us in detail about the brand.


I visited the store on the day of launch of their new product Wall coverings with the collaboration of Asian Paints in London. Launch was organized in one of their store Raghuvanshi Mill in Mumbai.

Good Earth comes out every year with one new theme in October for season and every products are based on the theme. And this year they launched Sambhala theme, which covered every product including the Wall coverings. Sambhala is considered as Majestic Kingdom in Indonesia. It is the symbol of relationship and friendship between India and China.

I had a visit to store for real life experience for the Retail Store Design project. The layout and atmosphere of the store was designed in a very Indian classical way, which carried the Indian heritage culture. Store was lit up very beautifully with chandeliers and aromatic candles, which gave a soothing effect. To add more value to the store ambience Folk and Classical music was being played which was absolutely doing the justice with brand values. Apart from Retail Store Design, we also learn many things about the brand. Good Earth Employees and customers get a feeling like store is their home. Brand teaches Art of Style, they make them see how beautiful their life is and how can they make their life more beautiful with the Good Earth Products. Good Earth is school for their employees, where they groom their employees also. Good Earth also involves their customer through social media and organize Social Events and celebrate for each and every small addition to their products. They always engage their customers, they do not call socialist instead they call their loyal customers for the events. Some time they also organize open events in which they invite every customer. They give privilege and special services to their customer because they feel the relationship with the customer is for lifetime. Mrs. Roy told us about one of their customer who is from France and she visits store every time she visits India. She also told us about one of her customer who visit store every day, it’s a kind of addiction for her and she feels like home there.


If I want I can write numerous things on my experience to visit Good Earth. In all it was a great, beautiful and memorable visit which I will never forget throughout my life. I will always keep thanking LCBS for this visit.

By-: Kanchi Kesarwani

PGDLM 2016-17


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