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The Fibre to Fashion of Luxury in India.

'Luxury - the mere mention of the term brings in instant images of grandeur, high fashion,

Leadership Skills Training

A good leader makes for an excellent manager, according to numerous management

Luxury Sector in India

In 2016 - we can expect developments that will change the complexion of the luxury industry.

The Top 7 luxury retail cities in India

The latest news in the global luxury brand entry story is that of American fashion label Coach,

Luxury Goes Against the Rules Dr. Taishoff

Luxury goes against the rules: Dr. Taishoff, Director of the 11-1M MBAs interviewed by MonacoLife TV.

Leadership Skills In Business

Customer, the king of business game. Just like in a chess game, kill the king and the game is over.

Executive Diploma in Luxury Management commences!

Luxury Connect Business School in collaboration with International University of Monaco commence

How Can a Course in Customer Service Boost your Career in Luxury Brand Management

Ask any management guru, and they will tell you how vital an efficient and prompt customer service

Luxury Brand Management: A Path towards Luxury Fashion Industry

Do you like to be part of the ever growing luxury brands industry? Are you looking for a challenging job

Luxury Brand Management: A Gateway Towards Opportunities

The luxury industry is burgeoning at a fast pace across the world. Brands are designing luxury

Luxury is no Longer the Mistress of Celebrities and Powerful Leaders

Luxury Brands across the world have realized the aspirational Indian Consumer’s spending power.

New Age Career Opportunities Luxury Brand Management

The present scenario: In the present job market, MBA is no more a fascination. In Fact it is completely saturated as hundreds