Career Choices During Covid 19

The global pandemic that the entire world is fighting with, has ripped the international orders and economies worldwide.

Global Luxury Brand Management

Global luxury brand management is a program that presents a center stage for the international knowledge about the world of luxury. Global luxury brand management course is developed in close collabor

5 Reasons to study MBA in Luxury Brand Management

We are living in times when education has crossed the conventional boundaries. Creative courses are immensely encouraged and valued

MBA In Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management is one of the most prolific, vibrant and dynamic career opportunities in the world, the luxury sector offers several promising job roles.

7 Tips on how To Become A Successful Luxury Brand Manager

India’s Luxury Industry is expecting an anticipated growth of up to $180 billion by 2025 from the current mark of $30 billion

5 Appealing Career Opportunities After Luxury Brand Management Courses

Luxury is fast emerging as one of the leading industries in India. Luxury management, as a result, is now one of the most sought after professions too.

Is Luxury Brand Management The Next Best Step For Your Career?

With new luxury brands emerging every now and then, and established luxury brands evolving every second, smarter than ever workforce is the need of the hour.

Know How Luxury Management Can Build A Better, Faster And Global Career Than A Regular MBA

The equation of pursuing masters is not limited to MBA and MSc anymore. Luxury brand management is rapidly becoming the preferred career choice for many graduates.

The Changing Face of Luxury In India

The Indian luxury landscape is clearly experiencing Strong evolutionary undercurrents

The Fibre to Fashion of Luxury in India.

'Luxury - the mere mention of the term brings in instant images of grandeur, high fashion,

The Incredible Indian Luxury Consumer!

Luxury in India is growing at a breathtaking pace of almost 20+ percent for past several years.

The Luxury Digital Dilemma

Luxury & digital have been strange and uncomfortable bed fellows until Burberry changed it all....

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