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Exploring The World Of Luxury:My LCBS Journey

As I embarked on my journey at LCBS (Luxury Connect Business School), I was filled with excitement and anticipation as we were going to welcome our juniors.
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My journey so far at the LCBS

Hello, I am Vishakha, from Batch 15 for the Luxury Brand Management course from Luxury Connect Business. Entering a prestigious college like LCBS marked the beginning of a remarkable journey...
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My Aston Martin Experience: A Captivating Field Visit to Automotive Artistry

Visiting Aston Martin was an absolute treat for me, as I got to immerse myself in the world of automotive artistry. From the moment I stepped into the showroom, I...
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My Unforgettable Field Visit to Lamborghini: A Dream Come True

As a passionate car enthusiast and an ardent admirer of automotive excellence, steppinginto a Lamborghini showroom felt like embarking on a pilgrimage to a realm ofunparalleled luxury, power, and artistic...
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Fashion Trends 2021

Fashion Trend 2023

Fashion has become an inevitable part of our lifestyle. And why not? Fashion pumps up our mood and boosts our self-esteem to make us feel special. It is also an...
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Course Induction By- Yashasvi Dalvi

My name is Dr. Yashasvi Dalvi. I’m from Mumbai. I completed my Bachelors of Physiotherapy and Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation. I was looking forward to enter the luxury wellness industry....
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Lured by the Luxe? Why Not Make it a Career?

What is luxury? What is ‘Luxury Brand Management’? What role does a luxury brand manager play? Here are some answers to these questions and more. Long Story, Cut Short Luxury...
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Luxury Brand Management: An In-Depth Guide

If you want to work in the luxury market or own a luxury brand, you need to grasp what luxury brand management is and how it can help your business....
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