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As the Luxury Industry is bouncing back and recovering from the pandemic, the whole dynamics of this industry are changing. Many studies support that there’s a growth in high-net-worth individuals...
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Metaverse is a reality where the tangibles of luxury marry the intangibles of the digital space.

The word “metaverse” is a portmanteau of the prefix “meta” (meaning beyond) and “universe”; When you google the term metaverse, you’ll find several definitions. Wikipedia defines it as “a collective...
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luxury sector

The Luxury Sector Is Now A Full-Grown Adult

The Luxury Sector Is Now A Full-Grown Adult We use it as a prefix before car, perfume and hotel. It was once rare, but now, we are told, it can...
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Best Luxury Brand Management Courses in India

 Best Luxury Brand Management Courses in India When the whole world was hit by pandemic last year, most of the industries underwent a devastating period. But luxury industry stood rock...
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NFT is not a FAD

“The Future of Money is Digital Currency” – Bill GatesAs cryptocurrency steadily gains ground around the world, one of these is non-fungible tokens, commonly called NFTs. NFTs are essentially unique...
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Importance of Luxury Brand Management Online Course These Days

Do you enjoy being surrounded by luxury? Do you prefer buying brands instead of local stuff? Do creativity and aesthetics turn you on? If you’re nodding your head while reading...
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Luxury Brand Management – Post COVID-19

Why Luxury Brand Management is a best option post COVID-19 Pandemic? While living our normal daily lives, we had never thought that something unexpected will happen which would bring a...
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Advantages of Online Certificate Courses in Management during Pandemic

For the growth of a Nation’s economy, the growth of its businesses is extremely important. However, the processes involved in running a business are often complex. A person who has...
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