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Best Course in Fashion Management 2021

What is Luxury Fashion?

Luxury Fashion is beyond the daily necessities of our lives. It is mostly consumed by the elite class, and that’s why it is much high in price. The materials used in curating Luxury Fashion item is usually esteemed in quality, design and craftsmanship. Irrespective of materials and labor, the retailers of Fashion and Luxury Brands are easily able to make a lot of money from each product they sell.

Why Luxury Fashion is much in demand?

With the rising income levels, greater aspirations towards desires and a tendency to beat the stress by indulging into lavish lifestyle have brought a big revolution into the Luxury Fashion industry. The new generation looks forward to luxury clothing that helps enhance their looks and leave a greater impact on whomsoever they meet. This is 2021 and people are passionate to be updated about going trends in fashion industry. Luxury brands add timely and timeless form of value to express individual identities. Whether it’s jewelry, shoes, fragrances, apparel or any other accessories, both male and females look forward to buy the most eccentric piece that matches their profession and personality.

Career in Luxury Fashion

With the growing consumption of luxury fashion, a lot of youngsters are looking forward to make their career in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management. Fashion and Luxury Brand Management is one of the booming industries of today’s time. As a Luxury Brand Manager, a person is responsible to closely work with all the departments and focus on developing marketing strategy that helps attract a specific kind of target audience. A person is also responsible to consult with company executives and promotional agencies to collaborate with different designers and supervise the marketing staff.

So, want to make a career in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management? Yes! Now, the question arises which is the best institute to pursue Fashion and Luxury Brand Management Course?  Trust LCBS!

About Luxury Connect Business School

LCBS is a leading education provider in India which offers Luxury based courses. The curriculum of Luxury courses is enriched with the current Luxury concepts. All the luxury based courses offered by us keep the students engaged with the latest fashion trends. Students also learn about the strategies and techniques to work with big brands. During the luxury programs, students get updated about  managing multi fashion brands, competitive strategy, anthropology of fashion luxury consumption, branding experience, understanding markets and consumers, pricing for brand building, etc.

Why LCBS is the perfect choice to pursue Fashion and Luxury Brand Management Course in 2021?

  1. Experienced teaching professionals: The faculty members of LCBS have solid grasp over Fashion and Luxury Brand Management curriculum. They teach the concepts in a simpler form that is easier for the students to comprehend the subject clearly. The teaching professionals also help the students in achieving their career goals according to their strengths. The qualified teachers have good industry exposure and they help students get acquainted with the real scenarios of Fashion and Luxury Brand Management.
  2. Instills competitive edge: LCBS prepares an individual with advanced knowledge of Fashion and Luxury Brand Management. The curriculum is the perfect balance of both theoretical as well as practical concepts. The students develop the right grasp over the right strategies to manage any segment of the fashion and luxury industry. This gives them a competitive edge over other candidates who apply for the similar job profiles.
  3. Experiential learning: LCBS offers the most comprehensive set of experiential learning so that students can learn the practical grounds of subject. Being India’s First Luxury B-School, we make sure that our students get the exposure of Fashion and Luxury Brand Management. Students also get the opportunity to experience the real scenarios of the fashion and luxury industries which help them a lot when they are actually placed on a job role.
  1. International Advantage: LCBS has carefully designed the content of all the Fashion and Luxury Brand Management courses keeping in mind the standards and gaps prevalent in the industry. LCBS has collaborated with international universities for offering a global perspective to the students. The key focus of collaborating with international universities is to help students learn from local experiences coupled with the right amount of international exposure.
  2. Best Placement Options: Apart from maintaining competitive edge and international advantage, LCBS also takes care of placement criteria. It has tie-ups with renowned companies like Mercedes Benz, Michael Kors, Rolex, GUCCI and Lamborghini etc. This ensures you to fetch best job designations at higher price.

Courses offered at LCBS in context of Fashion and Luxury Brand Management:

Job designations offered with LCBS certification in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management:

  1. Fashion Luxury Brand Manager: Fashion Luxury Brand Manager performs adequate marketing research for identifying the habits of target customer and then work closely with the marketing department to make sure that the brand image stays intact. A luxury brand manager is also responsible to supervise the process of naming products and services and work on the final look and feel of the product packaging.
  1. Luxury Fashion Products Manager: A luxury fashion product manager is responsible for fashion product planning and execution throughout all the stages. He/she performs the market research and then looks at the desires and expectations of the customers. The product managers communicate with the sales and marketing teams about the product design, quality assurance. So, they need to manage the entire production process by supervising factory processes.
  1. Fashion Retail Buyer: A fashion retail buyer has to decide what fashion luxury goods should be sold in the market. He/she makes sure that the right merchandise (shoes, accessories, clothing etc.) must be available in the stores at the right time. A fashion retail buyer also analyses the buying patterns and predict future sales trends.
  1. Fashion PR Specialist: A Fashion PR specialist needs to work closely with the celebrities like actors, models and singers. He/she attends red carpet events, fashion shows, award shows, and other similar events. A fashion PR specialist keeps a close contact with the editors to write articles about the company for the leading fashion magazines. He/she handles client complaints and solves them judiciously.

So are you ready to undertake the fashion and luxury brand management journey? Luxury Connect Business School is always ready for your assistance! Get in touch with us today! Admissions started!

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