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Best Luxury Brand Management Courses in India

 Best Luxury Brand Management Courses in India

When the whole world was hit by pandemic last year, most of the industries underwent a devastating period. But luxury industry stood rock solid. For past several years, luxury in India has witnessed a consistent growth of 20% P.A. This provides a great opportunity for youth to join this magnificent industry. In fact, statistics also point out this interesting fact. As per a National report, it is estimated that around 5.6 million jobs will be created to cater to the Luxury Industry.
Various sectors of Luxury Industry to build your career:

  1. Hospitality: Hospitality industry is all about delivering experiences through service quality, excellence and emotional engagement. The industry majorly requires young staff who can provide an excellent experience. Fresh graduates with pleasing personalities, good communicational skills and incredible service skills create memorable moments for visitors and engage with the clientele on a regular basis.
  2. Retail: The Indian Retail Sector is emerging as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries of today’s time. It contributes over 10% of the country’s GDP, bringing in a lot of opportunities for youngsters. Strong salespeople who have potential to contribute to the overall profitability of the store can be easily recruited by the luxury retail sector.
  3. Fashion House: Naturally a career in fashion industry is a glamorous idea. The industry offers various roles from running exotic photoshoots to developing appealing aesthetics of fashion houses to managing trendy blogs for the fashion media. The fashion & luxury brand management courses empower one with different techniques to touch the emotions of shoppers and build brand value in their eyes.
  4. Art Gallery: An Art Gallery is a building or space that hosts artistic activities like – music concerts, poetry readings and performance arts. The interiors of such a place should be nice and mesmerizing which can attract the crowd. Students with luxury brand management can apply for jobs available in Art Gallery like Visual Merchandiser, Luxury Retail Buyer, Luxury Brand Manager and Merchandising Manager.

First of all let’s understand what is luxury brand management course?

The luxury brand management course trains professionals to enter the luxury market. The students develop skills to analyze the needs of customers and accordingly strategize plans. They attain both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding luxury brand management. The luxury brand management program trains one to develop brand’s messages to support commercial strategies.

Best Luxury Brand Management courses in India

There was a time when luxury was a privilege to only a few people in India. But, today luxury is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. It is easily accessible to a large number of people. This trend has created various jobs in Luxury and Fashion management and the demand of well trained and educated managers has increased.

Students who want to mark their names in Luxury Industry must attain Degree/Certification/Diploma in Luxury Brand Management Program. This program aims at teaching aspiring students the entrepreneurial, managerial and marketing skills which are necessarily required to thrive in the global luxury goods and services industry. The top Luxury Brand Management Courses offer all the training required to explore the market of global luxury goods.
Many premier institutions offer a lot of luxury brand management courses that produce successful leaders and responsible global citizens. These courses help students to develop superior knowledge about international luxury. Let’s look at them one by one:

  1. Post Graduation Diploma in Luxury Management: It is one of the best luxury brand management courses that helps students in understanding the nuances of the luxury & fashion industry with best practices on how to manage a luxury brand. This course focuses on understanding consumer attitudes and emphasizes on design & creativity. This program also prepares students to develop skills related to communication and advertising. At LCBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Management is divided into three semesters which help students to keep pace with the fashion and luxury business.
  2. Executive Diploma in Luxury Management: This course is designed jointly by experienced professionals from India and experts from Europe. It gives multidimensional approach to understand various aspects of the luxury trade across the World. LCBS Executive Diploma in Luxury Management has spread its wings across innumerable sectors like – Fashion, Travel, Hospitality, and Retail.
  3. Luxury Brand Management Online: This course helps a person brush up his/her luxury knowledge, gain insights from both local and global perspectives, which ultimately increase their credibility. It also gives insights ranging from basics of luxury to merchandising and finally to fashion. LCBS Luxury Brand Management Online course also touches upon various aspects related to the creation of a brand.
  4. Online Luxury Service Skills: This course provides the requisite knowledge and skills that one must adopt in order to serve customers of luxury. It engages with a student on how to develop a new customer and turn him loyal to the brand. The program also covers all the aspects of a retail environment. LCBS Online Luxury Retail Service Skills upgrades the knowledge and skills of a student related to luxury or fashion.
  5. Online Luxury Brand Strategy Skills: This program is designed to offer intrinsic luxury fundamental knowledge to students. LCBS Online Luxury Brand Strategy Skills program helps the candidate innovate and develop business strategies specific to luxury, which is necessary for progress in the ever-changing luxury market.

Luxury Brand Management Courses are the most alluring courses for students who want to pursue a career in Fashion, Styling, Art and Luxury. These courses offered by LCBS let a candidate explore his/her creative sides and make most of the job opportunities.
So, study luxury brand management course that you will find super exciting. Enrol yourself with LCBS today. Remember opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

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