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Brand Manager: Definition, Job Description, Salary, Role & Career

Can you imagine the presence of any brand without the effort of a brand manager? It’s next to impossible. The Brand Manager plays a pivotal role in glorifying a brand identity and ensuring it as the market fit. Almost every modern organization hires an experienced and the skilled brand manager to help the company define its brand and curate a story that makes sense to the customers. Based on the company’s products and services & target market, the brand manager has the perfect vision to communicate its products to the effective buyers or audience. This leads to an unmatchable growth of the brand in a near future.

What is a Brand Manager?

A Brand Manager is a person of marketing team who is responsible to create an impact of the brand among the audience by enhancing its overall image. The Brand Manager defines the grounds of communication and formulates marketing strategies to drive customer engagement.  He/she also works on enhancing brand’s reputation and image within the industry by conducting market research, anticipating consumer trends which help keep the brand up-to-date. In a nut shell, a brand manager is a true brand custodian. He is responsible to not only create but also maintain the brand image by communicating the brand identity in an authentic, genuine and creative manner.

Brand Management Courses:

With the shift in mindset of businesses, now the focus is more on customer satisfaction rather than wealth maximization. This has lead to growing demands of brand management courses because a great brand ensures wider customer base.

What skills do you gain through brand management courses?

1. To build a brand from the perspective of organizational vision and mission.

2. To build brands across culture, geographies and multi-brand companies.

3. To measure brand health in new ways, that is, internally in addition to externally.

4. To value and capture returns on newly launched products and services.

5. To write a mission, vision and style statement related to the brand.

6. To understand the visual identity of brand, be it – brand name, slogan or logo, basics of positioning of brand and creating strong touch points.

7. To evaluate the brand identity and understand its response to the results.

Brand Management Course options:

1. Certificate in Brand Management: This is the short term brand management course that helps you get equipped with the basics of brand management. These courses range from 3 to 6 months.

2. PG Diploma in Brand Management: It builds a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of brand management. This course is industry specific & has strong job orientation.

3. MBA in Brand Management: An MBA in brand management course provides knowledge to understand the needs of customers, creating brands aligned to needs and formulating strategies to launch and develop brands from the scratch.

Brand Manager Job Summary:

Brand Managers are the point – person to develop and execute marketing initiatives as well as activities for a particular brand. His presence and supervision is important to carry out both digital and print media campaigns like – social media management, PPC Campaigns, television or radio broadcasting, newspaper/magazine printing and many more.

Brand Manager Job Description:

Brand managers are responsible for developing marketing campaigns that help position brands among the target audiences. The marketing campaigns curated by the brand managers not only help attract audience towards the brand, but also define brand’s reputation and image within the target audience.

  • Design a research based brand strategy and conduct consumer & market research.
  • Draft annual brand planning process which includes brand planning calendar, coordinating cross functional activities and manage timelines.
  • Leads the development of strategies and objectives for engagement through partnerships, social media and fan conventions.
  • Represents the company at various reputed trade shows and exhibitions.
  • Collaborate with sales team to formulate specific strategies for clients.
  • Utilizes consumer insights to drive innovation in product development and identify growth opportunities.
  • Plan and execute product development events within the fan communities.
  • Measure and create a successful plan of marketing initiatives.
  • Anticipate upcoming consumer trends and keep visibility of brand as per target audience.

      Workplace of Brand Managers:

Brand managers work in modern corporate and marketing agencies. Brand Managers can start their own marketing firm.

Brand Manager Salary:

Rs. 5, 00,000 to Rs. 12, 00,000 (Approximately)

Must have qualities of a brand manager:

  • Creative attitude: Branding is one of the creative professions that distinguish your companies from the competitors. Hence, most of the today’s organizations look for the individuals who have insightful thinking as well as an aptitude for out of the box thinking. He/she must be able to offer innovative strategies and help your company stand out.
  • Good communication skills: Brand managers must have good communication skills to maintain good relationships with the external contacts and colleagues. This helps a company amplify its brand value on a larger scale.
  • Trend Savviness: Brand managers must be well acquitted with the ongoing trends in consumer psychology and marketing.They must have the great knowledge about the latest industry trends.
  • Multiple responsibility handling: Brand managers must be able to handle a lot of organizational functions with focus and execute vast marketing campaigns to communicate our brand message.

Brand Manager Role:

1. Market research: A Brand Manager focus on consumer research, gather & analyze the collected data and monitor market trends, consumer habits and outcomes. This makes sure that the brand attributes resonate with the current and potential consumers.

2.  Formulate brand strategies: A brand manager concentrates upon developing brand strategies, thereby increasing the sales of a specific brand. He/she also has to manage and coordinate innumerable marketing functions like – sales, advertising, packaging, promotions and public relations.

3.  Build brand credibility: A brand manager assists and coordinates with the marketing analysts and assistant brand managers of the team. He/she has to plan the strategies and execute the strategies to keep a check on the progress of the company. Brand managers also have the responsible to meet customers’ expectations and build the credibility of brands.

4. Coordinate with several departments: When we talk about the brand manager role, a brand manager has to supervise digital, creative, analytical, commercial and administrative tasks related to brand positioning. Hence, it becomes important for a brand manager to co-ordinate with other departments like – finance, marketing, sales and communication ensuring future market opportunities.

5. Protect the brand: Brand Managers act as the guardians of the brand and make sure that the infringement of products and services doesn’t take place. He/she contributes towards the positive reputation by adhering to the moral and legal obligations.

There was a time when brand management as a profession was once reserved for only the most influential brand names in the specific industries. However, with the rise of new channels of communication, the scope and relevance of brand management has become higher. Today, even a new start-up identifies the value of brand management strategies and understands its importance as a part of marketing. So, the demand of brand manager will more be increasing in the upcoming time. So, if you are willing to explore this creative profession. Join the brand management course today and chase behind your dreams.


  1. What does a brand manager do?

Ans: A Brand Manager is a person of marketing team who is responsible to create an impact of the brand among the audience by enhancing its overall image.

  • What education is needed to be a brand manager?

Ans: A General undergraduate management degree is sufficient. However, students can opt for specializations such as Marketing, Advertising and Digital Marketing to further enhance their level of expertise. Going for post-graduation in this field becomes essential after a point of time.

  • How one can become a brand manager?

Ans:  MBA or PGDM in Marketing or rather brand management would be the best option for a Brand Management aspirant.

  • What is the avg salary of a brand manager in India?

Ans: Rs. 5, 00,000 to Rs. 12, 00,000 (Approximately)

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