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Career Choices During Covid 19

Career Choices During Covid 19

The global pandemic that the entire world is fighting with, has ripped the international orders and economies worldwide. International higher education is one such area that has been badly hit by Covid 19. World’s best universities are sadly located in the countries that are worst affected by the pandemic, which results in bringing the morale of the aspiring students down. This also creates the opportunity for Indian universities to step up and offer greater plans to the students.

Various countries are taking precautionary measures to control the wave of the virus, which has led to a drastic change in their international policies. These countries have restricted immigrations and reduced scholarship programs for the foreign students. And these measures have resulted in a blurred future for students.

Logistically, it’s financially viable to study in your own country. As the opportunities for scholarships and jobs in foreign countries would bring in high risks of hefty loans. We are aware of the situations in the USA, which has temporarily banned immigration, the idea of working abroad and repaying the loans seems distant. International universities are more or less dependent on Indian and Chinese students, which also gives us a view of their plight. It will lead to these universities also shrink, if not shut down completely. This brings us to a dimly lit world, where our dream of foreign education, jobs and fancy degrees seems to fizz out.

It’s time to look for alternative options, which are equally great and much convenient to benefit from. Let’s focus on the chances available in our own country that offers equally reputed and promising career.

The pandemic is going to end in its own time but till then, the education and a normal life should be retained. This is a chance for every international university aspirant to take the alternate course. It’s time to look within our own country. It’s time to trust our own capabilities, as a country to sustain good education and offer a fruitful career.

Luxury is the segment to turn to. Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS) offers guaranteed success with its luxury management courses. These are equivalent to any other course from a global reputed university.

LCBS is the leading luxury management school, which provides opportunity to students to save their time and invest it in something equally great. As the luxury industry is on the rise, the need for qualified and polished professionals is not going down any time soon.

Offering a ray of optimism for those who’d like to explore the luxury industry and scope in management. We are aware of the fact that international plans are held back, LCBS – the leading luxury management school brings the hope for a better career back in students’ lives.

There has always been a rise in demand that has led to customization and designing of various programs to focus education and training in areas like brand management, retail services and skills, customer relationship management and more. The school aims at securing the luxury sector with its specialized education and programs through executive and student education tracks. Students in the country are welcome to experience the best and internationally acclaimed luxury education in India.

LCBS offers a lot to look forward to.

No matter if you’re studying in your own country, LCBS offers you an international advantages:

Boasting of global best practices formed by internationally renowned schools, namely SDA Bocconi; Italy’s premier fashion and design school – Accademia Del Lusso; Monaco’s premier university – International University of Monaco; Jean Claude Roustant: the LVMH veteran, coupled with our extensive experience on the Indian landscape, helps bridge the rising gap of skilled talent.

LCBS, being one of its kind in the country, offers competitive edge to its students and instill the urge for success in its students. Preparing individuals to work in the luxury segment means getting them ready for any segment of the retail industry as a country head, brand manager, buyer, operation head, etc. The internationally certified programs pave the way for students to go get their dream life to reality.

LCBS brings to all the international aspirants a way to steer their career on the way to success. It’s the time to make wise career choices and let not the situations decide for your life, instead.

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