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Career in Luxury Brand Management

Why is Luxury Brand Management a Strong Career Choice? 

Brands are what drive the commercial world today. Ideal branding is one of essential aspects of any industry. From airlines to food products, branding is what gives you a truly competitive edge. The flourishing multimedia channels, such as TV and the internet have allowed brands to reach an immense number of target audiences. Conventional branding techniques have become almost obsolete, with the advent of online branding. Today, every company is aiming to capture as many potential new customers as possible through efficient and innovative brand management techniques.

Masters in Luxury Brand Management: 

Luxury is a fine blend of traditions, modernity, culture, and future. A masters in Luxury Brand Management is aimed specifically to make you adept and efficient in the latest branding techniques and methods. This post-graduate course gives you expansive knowledge about managing a brand effectively and successfully. This knowledge helps you to build a brand from scratch, and develop into a truly substantial name in the industry. This course equips students with better understanding of the latest evolutions of the luxury world. The luxury industry is growing globally with a more intricate web of craftsmanship to technology to digitalization.

Advantages of Masters in Brand Management 

Doing a Masters in Brand Management can hone your inner talent for innovative promotional ideas into better and more effective marketing strategies.

This course on Brand Management provides you with the theoretical know-how of: 

  • Principles of Brand Management
  • Brand Promotion
  • Market Research
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Communications, PR and client relations
  • Integrated marketing
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Prediction of Consumer Demand
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Launch
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Distribution, Packaging & logistics
  • And many other subjects

These aspects of brand management are essential to be learned and put into practice if you wish to become a top luxury brand manager. Brand management mainly demands extensive research and analysis, with practical planning, to be worth the resources invested and the success of the end result. The course will offer students with luxury specialized classes that includes field trips to luxury seminars, industry visits, internships with reputed luxury brands and more to get immense exposure to the industry and its innovations. The idea is to hone your leadership, managerial and digital skills while managing luxury brands.

Scope of Luxury Brand Management in India 

As a brand gets recognized increasingly amongst a wider audience, it automatically increases its sales. The rapidly-emerging luxury brand market in the country is offering an immense opportunity to young graduates in luxury management too.

There is an impressive scope of luxury brand management in the country, as well as around the world. According to a KPMG report at the India Luxury Summit 2014, a 70% global growth is expected in the worldwide luxury brand market, out of which around of the growth in the market will be seen in India and China. The report also showed that the luxury brand market in India has also experienced a 30% surge in 2013, at a total value of USD 8.5 billion. With growing consumerism and modernism, this figure reached around USD 14 billion in 2016..

Career Prospects in Luxury Brand Management 

The employment opportunities after a successful master in Luxury Brand Management are immense. The career growth rate is also impressive with this post-graduate diploma. You can start as a Marketing Analyst at any company and climb the hierarchy to Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing Manager and reach the top as a Marketing Director.

Renowned brands are always in need of fresh talent to get a competitive edge over their industry rivals. From mobile phones and insurance companies to pharmaceutical companies, there is always a demand for talented youth in Brand Management in the country. Luxury Connect Business School offers an extensive range of educational courses in brand management. The institute provides postgraduate diplomas and special certification courses that help to enhance your brand management skills and make you an expert in luxury brand management.

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