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5 Appealing Career Opportunities After Luxury Brand Management Courses

5 Appealing Career Opportunities After Luxury Brand Management Courses

Luxury is fast emerging as one of the leading industries in India. Luxury management, as a result, is now one of the most sought after professions too. Being an exciting field, luxury management courses are gaining more popularity than any regular management course. While the broader career is Luxury Brand Management, there are multiple roles one can play based on interest, skill and passion.

Here are the top 5 exquisite career opportunities you can choose for your growth in the ever-growing luxury industry.

1.   Luxury Brand Manager

Obvious to the name itself, this role is one of the most reputed and highly demanded by global luxury brands. A brand manager represents the brand by creating a brand image in the audience. It involves conducting market research, creating engaging strategies, overseeing marketing campaigns, working closely with designers and executives, allocating budgets and resources to projects with the aim of attracting the right audience towards your brand.

As attractive as this job sounds, is it fledged with responsibility too. So, if you have the passion to climb up the ladder of becoming a brand manager in a global luxury brand, this course is the best suited.

2.   Merchandising Department

One of the crucial roles in influencing the retail sales for any luxury brand is bestowed with the Merchandising department. A merchandising official does market research, finds the right merchandise for the brand, and builds marketing strategies to create preference of brand over competitors. Attracting, engaging and converting a visitor into a buyer while ensuring high quality at the lowest cost is a key skill required. Training the executives on what, how and when to communicate regarding the products is also part of merchandising.

3.   Front-End Sales

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding roles is of front-end sales professional. Unlike mass sales brands, luxury brands need skilled sales professionals who can connect the clients experientially to the product or service they provide. As much as the sales field is prevented in mass brands, it is desired in luxury brands due to much higher growth rate both professionally and financially. The key skills required are communication, adaptability to requirements and luxe representation of the brand as a first impact to the client. You become the brand’s value at front-end.

4.   Research & Marketing

A luxury brand relies majorly on its stature in the market, for which it bestows the responsibility on the Research & Marketing department. Behind every message that catches intrigue of the right audience, is a well-researched and marketed strategy. Your key role will be to identify what your audience seeks, find out where his/her eyes land in abundance and place your brand in the right spot at the right time. If you think Research & Marketing is a skill at the tip of your fingers, getting a qualification in Luxury Management can boost your chances of growth in the luxury industry exponentially.

5.   PR Expert

Luxury brands do not advertise like others. It has a highly niche customer base, which makes regular marketing and PR communication ineffective in attracting the ideal customer. To grab their customer’s attention, Public Relations plays an impactful part. It is a well-in-demand career path for those who are great at communication, relationship building and presentation capabilities. This job role comes with a perk as great as of a Luxury Brand Manager; you get to shake hands with the biggest names in the luxury industry along with reputed recognition. This not only enhances your brand’s name through your skills, but also creates your individual goodwill in the luxury industry.

Being an $ 18.5 Billion industry in India with a tremendous growth rate, luxury is expanding its wings fast. It is your time to grab the flight to go high in the career clouds and build a great future for yourself in an exciting, alive and ever growing industry. To get equipped with the right skills to land in any of the above career paths, you can get support from Luxury Connect B-School’s unique faculty formed from luxury industry giants and veterans, turned academic trainers.

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