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Courses in Customer Service

Luxury Brand Management: Do courses in Customer Service Management help attain better efficiency?

For a luxury brand, an efficient and effective customer service is one of the highest priorities. The elite class being the usual clientele for Luxury brands, immaculate service & high quality products are the least of expectations. Transactions result by virtue of trust between the sales associates and the client. Building trust requires professionalism at the highest level. An effective luxury brand manager benefits tremendously through proper and structured training through customer service courses.

This allows one to effectively tackle and handle every scenario, which could be anticipated in this niche luxury market. An excellent customer service manager is able to put the customer at ease naturally. Showing empathy towards the client helps to make them comfortable and build trust. Luxury Connect Business School is India 1st & only Luxury 3- School. It offers programs that give practical exposure to different luxury segments. It has strong industry relations with several global and domestic brands such as BMW, Ferrari, Roseate Resorts, Gucci, Sotheby’s, Swarovski and many more . Students get hands-on training through workshops that are held by industry veterans and visiting sites of luxury brands. LCBS is well known for its Well-Experienced Professors, Internationally Vetted and Accredited Masters courses and World class facilities besides a extremely friendly environment.

Importance of programs in Customer Service for top class Luxury Brand Management 

LCBS presents customer service courses designed to prepare students for effective luxury brand management. Salient traits that are inculcated when you undertake any of the customer service courses in luxury brand management include:

  • Being empathetic – As mentioned earlier, showing empathy towards the customer is a basic rule for efficient and satisfactory customer service. Showing empathy to the customers plight makes the customer naturally feel cared for, especially when it is done with utmost respect and thorough understanding.
  • Working with Feedback – Knowing the effectiveness of your customer service strategies is important. Regular feedback through surveys from your customers is an efficient way to know exactly what your customer feels about it. This is an effective way to implement the most fine-tuned customer service plans and improve your customers experience and your team’s performance at the same time.
  • Using Customer Service Metrics – Learn to use the most efficient customer journey tracking tool on hand. There are several metrics in customer service (such as the amount of time spent on the phone and the number of times a particular customer has called for service) which should be reported on a regular basis to provide the customers with customized post-sales services.
  • Being Always Available – Customers are most comfortable when they know that they are being heard by an empathetic person on the other end of the phone. One of the most effective ways to respond to customer queries is through the various popular social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. This way the customers’ queries can be responded to, and resolved, faster and with more efficiency. Apart from this the conventional method of talking to the customer over the customer service helpline is also important to instill a sense of comfort and trust in the customers.

How Courses in Customer Service help in top class Luxury Brand Management 

According to management experts, customer service is the number one marketing tool that a luxury brand has at its disposal. Efficient customer service helps to drive customers to make repeat purchases from your brand, increases the value of your services or products, and help to build the best rapport with existing customers.

Ideally, the courses in customer service for management of luxury brands tend to train you in certain aspects of branding and marketing which are essential for the ideal growth of a brand, such as:

  • Complete and detailed product knowledge
  • Ideal voice, tone, and attitude when working in customer service
  • Tricks and tips to address the customers query in the best possible manner

These, and other such, strategies are taught to potential luxury brand management professionals in the best possible way by renowned Indian business school, Luxury Connect Business School. This educational institute is well known for providing extensive post-graduate diploma courses in luxury brand management in an effective and efficient manner.

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