Fashion and Luxury Brand Management

Fashion and Luxury Brand Management

Scope Of Fashion and Luxury Brand Management in India

Fashion and luxury brands are increasingly becoming popular worldwide. With the rise in numbers of HNI (High Networth Individuals) and UHNI (Ultra High Networth Individuals) in India, the high- end fashion and luxury brand market in the county are also set to witness an intense spurt in growth.

There are numerous lucrative opportunities expected to open up in India, with increasing numbers of luxury brands turning their focus on the fast-emerging luxury goods retail market in the country.

Let’s find out what the current situation of the Indian luxury brand market is, and what its bright future holds for management professionals trained in the right way.

Booming Indian Fashion and Luxury Brand Market

There has been an intense rise in numbers of Indians joining the billionaire’s club in the past few years. Along with this, there is a remarkable rise in the urban elite class population as well in the country. This is resulting in numerous large and small fashion and luxury brands attempting to woo this niche clientele in India.

There is a significant increase in the sales network of brands offering premium quality merchandise and service. From designer clothing outlets to exclusive luxury cars and other items of opulence, a rise in the number of fashion and luxury brands is clearly visible.

These brands are in need of talented and trained professionals who can help to retain existing customers, as well as attract increasing numbers of potential customers in the exclusive market segment. A well-trained and experienced professional has a bright future in fashion and luxury brands for renowned and exotic organizations.

What is Luxury Brand Management all about?

Fashion and luxury brand management courses designed to cater top brands are inter-disciplinary study courses which use reliable management practices for the growth of businesses involved in the exclusive and premium service segment of a market.

The main role of a fashion and luxury brand manager is to understand the legacy and tradition of the brand and to associate its value with the right set of clients.

The luxury brand manager also has the exciting role of ensuring the higher popularity of a brand, while at the same time maintaining its exclusivity. This task requires making the brand popularly desirable amongst the mass audience and also offering the best value for money to its elite clients.

The job also requires meeting with clients and discussing new corporate gift ideas with the senior officers in your company. This job requires the luxury brand manager to be inherently good at networking, which can be further polished with the right type of training.

Need for Proficient Fashion and Luxury Brand Management Professionals in India

As increasing numbers of brands are targeting the growing number of elite customers with their exclusive and premium services, there is also an intense need for efficient luxury brand management professionals in the booming fashion and style industry.

Leading management educational institute in India, Luxury Connect Business School, offers promising postgraduate diploma courses in luxury brand management, through intensive theory and workshops. These courses are designed to turn a budding management amateur into an expert fashion and luxury brand management professional.

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