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Fashion Designing

Fashion is a very dynamic domain. The industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. However, in the past three to four years, there has been a major shift in the fashion world. In today’s digital World, fashion is no more influenced by just Bollywood/Hollywood. It is the fashion bloggers and creative influencers who play a major role in influencing the youth with creative ideas. With the rise of fashion e-commerce companies like Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Myntra and Ajio, the demand of fashion professionals has increased drastically. Any person who has a creative bent of mind can pursue fashion designing as a career.

Fashion designing is the art of applying design, beauty and aesthetic to clothing and related accessories. The designs are mainly influenced by the cultural and social attitudes varied over time and places. From the past few years, fashion design has become a need. It takes over our consciousness to such an extent that whenever we buy clothes, footwear or accessories, we want them to make a fashion statement. Seeing the growing demand of fashion designing, Global Luxury Brand Management particularly focuses on topics that helps promote fashion houses.

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion Designing is a specialized branch of humanities that caters to fabrics, patterns, styles, colors and trends. Fashion designing courses majorly focus on the ever changing trends in original designs through artistic talent and creativity.

Minimum eligibility:

10+2 level from a recognized educational Board. All disciplines are valid – Science, Commerce and Humanities.

Minimum aggregate score of 50%

Course Duration (Graduation in Fashion Designing):

3 Years

Course Fee:

INR 1.6 to 12 Lacs

Average Starting Salary:

INR 3 to 7 Lacs

After attaining Graduation degree in fashion designing, one can pursue Master’s in Global Luxury Brand Management from a reputed institute to attain knowledge about marketing in Fashion industry.

What are the basic skills required to become a good fashion designer?

  • Creative and artistic personality
  • Good drawing skills
  • Great visual imaginations
  • Hunger to learn new things
  • Be updated with the new trends

Why starting a career in Fashion Designing is a great option?

If you are blessed with creativity and passion, then fashion industry is the best line for you. It is fast growing and is one of the top paying industries today. Besides, it is one of the most glamorous fields.  Let’s understand why fashion designing is a brilliant career option:

1. Vast expanse of employment by flourishing areas of work: People who have the degree of bachelor’s in fashion designing can try their luck in various areas of industries like: fashion show management, export houses, fashion media, garment store chains, textile mills, leather companies and jewelry houses.

2. Great positions are offered: Sophisticated positions like textile designer, knitwear designer, sample coordinator, merchandiser, retail fashion consultant, knitwear designer and management trainee. Once a person also adds master’s degree in his/her profile, say Global Luxury Brand Management, chances of attaining success get doubled.

3. Pursue entrepreneurial aspirations:  After completing fashion designing, one doesn’t need to take up a job, but can also start his/her own boutique or an export house. A person can also sell off his/her own designed clothes on e-commerce website or can become a fashion influencer by starting an own YouTube channel.

4. Non – monotonous job: Unlike a typical desk job of accounting or managing clients, fashion designing keeps you engaged and inspired all the time. Each project and each day is different that helps keep the passion alive to continue creative aspirations leaving no room for boredom.

Scope of Fashion Designers in India

With the rise of various luxurious malls, e-commerce websites and export houses, there has been a major hike in demand of fashion professionals. The Indian fashion industry is going through honeymoon phase these days. Thanks to urban population of India, floating in love for new fashion. They do not hesitate trying new designs, be it traditional or western. Students can also opt to pursue fashion as a career from the acclaimed institute in India like NIFT, PAF etc. Subsequently, LCBS is one of the best institute to pursue a master’s course in Luxury Brand Managementthat can help a person rise to professional stardom.

Top institutions in Fashion Designing:

                              Institutes                     Place
NIFT Mumbai Mumbai
National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
NIFT New Delhi
International Institute of Fashion Design INIFD) Mumbai
International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT) Chandigarh
 Symbiosis Institute of Design Pune

Syllabus of Fashion Designing:

Introduction to Textiles Fashion Illustration
Fashion Accessory Fashion Model Drawing
Art Appreciation Apparel Development
Leather Designing Fabric Dyeing and Printing
Creative Jewelry Color Mixing

What is Fashion Marketing?
Fashion marketing is the management of advertising campaigns and promotion to boost the sales of fashion brands and products. Fashion marketing helps present fashion products in a way that appeals to potential customers.  Fashion marketers must be creative to get tuned with the target customers. If fashion marketing is applied well, it helps balance the creative side of fashion along with the needs and desires of customers to make a profit.

Global Luxury Brand Management: One of the top courses for Fashion Marketing
Global Luxury Brand Management course helps a person to gain knowledge about market and media planning to promote fashion products, whether it’s a physical product display, ad creative or online platform. The course also helps fashion marketers to get involved in public relations. Here is how Global Luxury Brand Management course helps you master fashion marketing:


The course content of Global Luxury Brand Management helps gain knowledge about the qualitative and quantitative research into fashion trends and also makes one understand the lives and behaviors of the people who would like to purchase fashion products. Market research helps undertake necessary decisions about fashion design and business activities.

Global Luxury Brand Management helps fashion marketers create the story behind the brand. It enhances the imagination skills of marketers and devise new designs and patterns for both casual as well as formal outfits creating a personal connection with target customers.


Pricing and distribution strategies are also a part of Global Luxury Brand Management. It involves the research and analysis of how fashion products must be sold in both retail and online distribution channels.  The course also helps in analyzing where and at what price the fashion products should be sold in order to maximize sales and reap good profits.


Fashion marketers learn to apply their creativity to create compelling advertisements that attract target audiences. They recommend media planning that helps assesses the scheduled distribution of advertisements. The sources of distribution of advertisements include newspapers, magazines, television and digital formats, such as social media and websites.


Another important topic of marketing that you learn in Global Luxury Brand Management course is improving communication content that helps you get connected with customers using public relations as a generic outreach tool. Using media representatives to talk about your brand via their respective publications and press help spread the message in a indirect and subtle manner.

Future of Global Luxury Brand Management

Considering the growing inclination towards fashion, Global Luxury Brand Management has a lot to offer. The Global market is continually transforming in terms of luxury fashion, there by bringing much scope for marketing professionals. With more and more luxury fashion brands being launched, luxurious products become more attainable. There is definitely going to be numerous career opportunities for fashion marketers. Global Luxury Brand Management will not only qualify you to become a brand manager, but will also help you gain higher positions in marketing field, like – marketing consultant or a product manager.

What does one learn through Global Luxury Brand Management degree?

Students who pursue a degree in Global Luxury Brand Management are able to gain expertise into fashion marketing and attain creative skills to help surpass competition. The course also explains specific characteristics of the luxury fashion industry. Meaning, an individual is able to learn the value of a fashion brand in the luxury industry.

A fashion marketer gets information about ongoing fashion trends and how they could impact businesses. What styles are working well and which aren’t doing well? Besides, fashion marketing is not only just only about styles, but also about promotion of styles and the fashion designers. It is also about helping map creative designs with prevalent fashion trends, improving business performances and ensuring correct productions to minimize wastages and left over unsold stocks.

Global Luxury Brand Management Course at LCBS

Here at LCBS, Global Luxury Brand Management is an intensive program that aims at a grasp of all the important skills necessary to manage a brand. This includes quality as a concept; evaluation of the standards; design development & production, logistics, retail operations, innovation & strategy amongst others. The program is divided into three semesters – from foundation level to the advanced professional levels covering all the important marketing abilities required to match the fast paced luxury fashion industry.

Major objectives of Global Luxury Brand Management Course:

  • Offer the right degree to fresh talent willing to move into the luxury industry.
  • Give upcoming graduates a leading edge in the progressive luxury market.
  • Make students learn the nuances of handling luxury in India.
  • Have an international exposure for a more global and international perspective.
  • Provide practical training in terms of managing marketing cases of fashion luxury brands.

Luxury Brand Management Course is the one of the best courses that helps gain confidence among fashion marketers. It gives right opportunities to the candidates who want to get employed in the luxury fashion segment.

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