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Fashion is The Main Fulcrum

Today I’m going talk about my live project internship, during the course of my journey at Luxury Connect Business School;I got the favourable opportunity to work with Rajesh Pratap Singh. He is an Ace fashion designer known for using hand-looms in his creations, the designer is also known for his minimalism and understated design aesthetics with a sharp eye for detailing. Pratap’s exploration with fabric texturing and most prominently his creative usage of pintucks has almost become synonymous with the label. The key to his work lies in simplicity, clean cuts, and flawless detailing. So the day one started with a hustle and bustle nothing is easy in real life and to work in luxury industry you have to be prepared for anything, the destination was very far from my place but excuses don’t work in luxury industry so I started my journey with positive thoughts and was able to reach the destination before time as I’m punctual. This is another quality you have to learn to work in this industry.

The day continued and I was given the project about market research over men’s ethnic wear, the brief about the project was given by Rajesh Pratap Singh himself. He is a nice man and he is the coolest boss you can work under, he is simple like his work but his knowledge about fabrics is amazing. I was very happy with the project given to me because this included field trips and I feel going out to the future workstations we can learn a lot. The methodology adopted, from strategizing to its implementation, went through series of stages. Starting from I decided to go to at least five brands three of them were luxury and other two were premium brands. The best part of working on the field is you get to know about your even and odds and you are able to do a SWOT analysis of yourself similar happened with me. I did a complete analysis of all 5 brands with dividing them on some factors like Pricing, Category, Store location, Delivery timing to know better about the brands and create a opportunity for RPS a brand to find its niche in the segment.

This market research would be easy for any LCBS students as we have already done this kind of research in our college as the term paper. Why we can say this can be easy job for a LCBS student because we can relate our subjects to such projects as I was able relate my project with marketing strategies and Retail operations which we already had studied in class. The learning’s and experience from class are always helpful and in my case, the best learning could be the communication, The best experience I can share is I visited more than ten stores of brands at different locations and was very happy to see the change in myself from the first month of course to now. Another learning which I want to share with you all is about confidence all of us have it inside us but it’s just the right ones identify it. Not a fashion student and worked in one of the best fashion brands with a confidence that being a luxury student we can work in any sector.

I will end this with a quote:

 “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

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