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Gateway to the hospitality sector – Radhika Setia

The hospitality sector, in all respects is a flourishing division of the economy. The hotel industry is solely a multi-billion dollar and developing enterprise. The hospitality industry varies in nature, so it allows diverse people from distinct interests to work in assorted segments of a hotel.

In India, one of the largest travel conglomerates is the Bird Group, with over 45 years of experience and is amongst the most divergent establishments within the industry. Today, Bird Group’s core portfolio consists of Travel Technology, Aviation Services, Hospitality, Retail and Education.

The hospitality division of the Bird Group comprises of the urban luxury hotels and resorts under the name of Roseate Hotels & Resorts. Under the umbrella are numerous hotels in India and abroad.

During the course of my journey at Luxury Connect Business School, I got the favorable opportunity to work at Roseate House, New Delhi for a live industry project. Roseate House is one of the hotels that belong to the group.

Roseate House is a synchronic narrative that has created a new age revolution in the hospitality space. It is a progressive yet relaxed urban hotel that brings a new tanginess to the city. The hotel is modern and chic. Its straight lines and bold form in patterns, defines its design philosophy.

The hotel offers unique, elegent and exquisite dining variations to the guests through its modern-contemporary eateries.

In a world where every business is clamoring for attentions, it is often best to formulate and implement the most effective public relations strategy. The luxury hotel business, in particular being that it is entirely service based, highly depends on good hotel PR to create their image and shape their story. The challenge I was to undertake at the hotel, was to promote the hotel’s F&B outlets: To create social media and marketing strategies for the same. Working under the PR and Communications team, exposed me to a new world. Coming from a design background, communication has always been my forte, but the challenge here, was how to increase the in-flow of guests to these dining outlets. As it is with most businesses, the hotel business largely depends on public perception and acceptance. The idea was to create a perception in the minds of the audience that the hotel offers the best services and genuinely cares about their serenity and well-being.

The methodology adopted, from strategizing to its implementation, went through series of stages. Starting with the basic concern of the issues that are faced by the waiters, managers,chef’s and most importantly the guests, I prepared a series of questionnaires respectively for each outlet. Keeping the questionnaire as a reference point, I then interviewed the managers and the consumer touch points, i.e. the waiters and the bartenders, to reach the cause of the concerns. With their help, I was able to analyze the loopholes and reached to appropriate solutions. Throughout the journey, I was guided by Ms Ranjita Shaw, Director of PR and Communications, working with her made the journey glide away.

One of my favorite quotes is, “The size of your problems is nothing compared with your ability to solve them. Don’t overestimate your problem and never underestimate yourself”. This quote is valuable for all, throughout life.

A live project of such a short duration or an internship may seem intimidating, but it is of utmost importance to scrutinize one’s interests in depth so that you can be confident in all of your abilities. My experience at Roseate House, has helped me to develop a career path, where I believe, I can seek out opportunities and flourish.

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