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How does Corporate Training Help in Luxury Brand Management

Customer servicing plays an important part in every sector, but its quality plays a crucial role in the luxury sector. It is a significant differentiator in grabbing the customer’s imagination and interest in this sector. Selling luxury is not about selling products, it is about selling experiences. It is about delighting, surprising and then, exceeding expectations. However, in this ever-changing economic scenario, it becomes challenging to provide such experiences unless the person dealing in luxury brands understand those nuances. It is a well-known fact that consumers of luxury brands often have higher expectations than traditional consumers. Infect, they are more sensitive more so phisticated and even more; they do not have patience when it comes to an aggressive salesperson, which often traditional salespersons are.

So, how exactly those discreet, accommodating and doting staff of those top luxury brands get their way? Is it something that can be learned or trained? The corporate training in luxury brands can help people learn those soft skills and attitude required to manage luxury brands.

What is Corporate training?

For any organization, training is important to keep their staff updated with a current market scenario and update their skill sets. For a sustainable growth and business expansion, it becomes very important for the organizations to have the skills of their employees reoriented to keep up with the organization’s mission, vision and goal. After all staff of any brand is the face of the brand, its they who drives the sales and create a brand image for consumers. Hence corporate training is all about enriching employees with new skills to align with organization’s goals.

What is the need for training employees? 

The well-structured corporate training programs from the top business schools can help your organizations with the know-how, tools, and skills to develop talent and have next generation of leaders. The training can help build a versatile and strong team of senior managers whose management is respected.

Corporate training imparted by experts can help build loyalty in the company, boost managers’ performance and improve the bottom line. It prepares managers for greater challenges so they can easily make the transition from one managerial role to a greater one. Another advantage of these training programs is that the team of an organization can be trained with customized management training to address specific group challenges.

Benefits Of investing in employee development and training

  • Gives a competitive edge : In this age of competition, talent hunting is an important part of business plans of any company. However, competition is too severe when it comes to attracting talent. Retail training programs are the part of employee perks and benefits. It helps in attracting good talent for your organization and gives you an edge over the competitors.
  • Enhanced Employee Loyalty: Investing in corporate training gives not only your company tangible benefits but also other benefits, and an important one is increased employee loyalty. When you show interest in training and development of your employees, they feel valued and appreciated. More valued they feel, more loyal they become. They will stay longer and even can refer to other skilled people to work in your company. Besides, more loyal employees are more motivated and more engaged, and these are intangible benefits that go a long way in increasing the bottom line.
  • Reduced turnover : As said above, when you invest in corporate training of your employees, they feel more valued. They take it as an investment in their career development and hence, stay longer. This reduces the turnover rate of employees. The fact is high turnover rates affect the company’s position in the market, revenue, and profitability.
  • Prepared for sustainable growth : When your company invests in corporate training, you are prepared for sustainable growth. Your employees are updated with changing market trends and needs. They get prepared to face any future needs of the changing market and hence, ensure company’s success in the long term

Many international luxury brands are understanding these benefits and are showing interest and investing in training of their employees. For example, Gucci has partnered with Polimoda, one of Italy’s top fashion schools to launch a new master’s course in Fashion Retail Management. Similarly LVMH has partnered with “Central Saint Martins” a well known fashion and design college in London, and launched a “Sustainability and Innovation in Luxury’ program. In India too, brands are showing interest in such training programs to polish talent and hence, getting prepared for the market competition. Luxury Connect Business School an initiative by Luxury Connect , a leading name in the luxury brand management, is offering solutions in this regard.

How does Luxury Connect help? 

Luxury Connect is supported by the experts from the global luxury world. It helps domestic and international brands to train their staff with skills sets required to manage luxury consumers. Luxury Connect has provided training solutions to several organizations in India and helped them increase bottom line to manifolds.

Following the International Luxury arands as mentioned above, Delhi Duty Free Services Ltd (DDFS)was one of the first Indian organisation to realise the importance for up skilling their staff, therefore they launched a “Retail Academy” in partnership with Luxury Connect Business School, which is an initiative by Luxury connect

DDFS manages and operates duty-free shops at Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi. LC provides customized training programs for DDFS employees to train them with Luxury Retail Selling Skills so that they can interact. Motivate the high-end luxury consumers traveling through this busy international airport. With our training solutions. DDFS has increased its sales for more than Skills so that they can interact, motivate the high-end luxury consumers traveling through this busy international airport. With our training solutions, DDFS has increased its sales for more than 100% in last five years. LC believes in “under committing and over delivering’ and ” respecting customers’ time and money,” and the same skills are imbued in the learners.

LC in association with Luxury Connect Business School offers two short track programs namely Luxury Brand Strategy Skills (LBSS) and Luxury Retail & Service Skills (LRSS) to help organizations upgrade brand management, retails and servicing management skills of their employees. LC focuses on the luxury sector and is an expert in this segment. It straining programs are specifically designed for the companies who provide products and services across the luxury spectrum. These training modules are delivered by these expert trainers who have a deep and intimate understanding of the needs and desires of the luxury consumers.

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