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How Important is a Fashion Brand Management Program?

Luxury and fashion brand management is one of the most intensely dynamic and fast-paced industries in the world. The concept of luxury fashion is ever-changing which is resulting in immense innovation in the worldwide fashion consumption.

According to a yearly sector-wise trend report from renowned research agency Kantar and CII (Confederation of Indian the Indian luxury brand market saw its value rise from LED 14.7 billion (over 96,450 crores) to a whopping USD 18.6 billion (over 1 , 18,495 crores), between 201 5 and 2016. This was an excellent spurt of 25% YOY.

Adding to the Indian luxury brand markets impressive growth was the USD 35 billion (around 2, 30,365 crores) which was reportedly invested in 201 6, which is expected to become twice its current value by the end of this decade

This report goes on to show that the Indian luxury fashion consumer base is expanding with the growth of the middle and upper middle-class demography which is increasingly earning higher disposable income.

This is proof that the career growth potential is significantly higher in luxury fashion brand management as compared to other industries. Leading Indian business school, Luxury Connect Business School (LC8S), provides the right training and opportunity to budding management professionals who are seeking to make a career in luxury fashion brand management. The management institute has been teaching and training management students the intricacies of the lucrative luxury market through its effective Program in Luxury Fashion Brand Management.

LCBS collaborates with renowned luxury brands, including Genesis Luxury, BMW, Michael Kors, Swarovski, etc. to provide its students with efficient learning and hands-on training.

Requirements for a Successful Luxury Fashion Brand Management

To pursue postgraduate management courses in luxury fashion brands require you to have certain skills that are essential for ideal fashion brand management in the luxury sector. These are the points you need to have if you wish to become a successful luxury fashion brand manager:

  • Interest and passion for the fashion industry
  • Knack for researching and keeping yourself updated with the latest trends in the entertainment and fashion industry
  • Knowing the importance of observing and learning details
  • Natural business acumen
  • Effective communication skills

Why choose Post Graduate Luxury Fashion Brand Management Program? 

TheA postgraduate program in luxury fashion brand management from Luxury Connect Business School will essentially help you to get an exciting and challenging career.

The luxury fashion industry in India, and all over the world, is highly competitive and dynamic. It is growing at an increasingly faster pace everywhere. This postgraduate program in luxury fashion brand management will teach you all you need to know about the management of luxury fashion goods, fashion research and forecasting trends. It will hone your marketing and retail management skills for luxury fashion brands. management skills for luxury fashion brands.

Your career prospects will become significantly brighter with the choice to become a fashion brand manager or even a fashion PR specialist. This career line will make you a part of the glamorous world of celebrities from the world of luxury fashion.

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