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How to get a job in the Luxury Industry?

How to get a job in the Luxury Industry?

Luxury industry is one of the most flourishing industries worldwide. With drastic change in fashion trends, lifestyle, better annual income and awareness about the aesthetic brands, people love to make most of luxurious products and services. This implies that future of luxury industry is really great. As per the recent report released by Deloitte, luxury goods market still looks positive despite a slowdown in economic growth. If we talk about future of luxury brand management, then it is definitely going to be one of the new age career choices among the millennial. So, if you want to get a break into the luxury industry, you need to put in the right efforts. Here are the few tips that would definitely help you get a job in the Luxury industry:

1.  Brush up on the latest trends of luxury industry: So, when we say that you need to stay updated with the recent trends of luxury industry, it doesn’t mean you have to be thorough with industrial reports. But, you need to do a little investigation about luxury industry on your own. You can read latest articles related to luxury industry online. You can even subscribe to online newsletters which provide you latest information about the luxury industry. In order to gain more information about the luxury industry, you can head to local high – end store, a mall, or a luxurious hotel, depending upon your area of interest. Try to get a sense of where the industry is heading by speaking to mall managers, hotel incharge or shop assistants of a mall. 

2. Develop vocabulary of luxury industry: Just getting acquainted with new trends of luxury industry, you can’t start weaving the dreams of getting job in luxury industry. You must have the mastery over general terms of luxury industry like – marketing, advertising, designing, communications, psychology and many more. It will help you give quick answers to the interviewee if any of the questions related to them would be asked. With the pace of future of luxury brand management is heading, you must also try to learn new concepts.

3. Work upon on your looks and dressing sense: Luxury industry is all about making an impact. So, obviously they would look forward to hire those people who have great dressing sense and maintain hygiene. You don’t need to buy expensive clothes or arrange sittings for salon every week. But you can’t ignore the basics when it comes to dressing. The attire should be well fitted and ironed. Your hair, moustache, beard, eyebrows should be trimmed well and also make sure that you smell good.

4. Enhance your communication skills: Luxury brands do not strive to please everyone, but only a specific segment of customers. And specific segment of customers is rich and sophisticated class. That’s why compelling communication skills are expected from the employees of luxury industry. They expect that employees must have good speaking and writing skills. The fluency and pronunciation of words should be clear and they must know how to write emails.  Good communication skills impress the guests and attract them towards the products and services of a brand. 

5. Showcase your industry knowledge on social media platforms: Social media channels are the best platforms to showcase your talent whether it’s disseminating your knowledge about the luxury industry or giving your review about a product or service related to luxury industry. Instagram is the perfect platform to demonstrate your creative skills. You don’t need to monetize social media channels or write long luxury blogs. But you need to produce your own content and grow a healthy base of followers. It will leave a good impression on the recruiters. With your enchanting videos or posts online, you will be half there during the selection process. 

6. Create an account on job portals and stay updated: No matter how much skills, personality and knowledge you have about the luxury industry, unless and until you will not shout out to people, no one will get to know about it. In order to apply for luxury management jobs, you have to make an account on popular job portals like –,, Timesjobs, Monster India and LinkedIn and upload a well organized resume. Out of all, LinkedIn is the best job portal. A lot of top notch professionals of luxury industry have accounts on LinkedIn and they find it best platform to recruit an employee. You can also drop a short message to the recruiters and vertical owners of the company asking about the existing vacancy in their companies.  

7. Study for the interview: Once you get a call from any of the popular luxury brands, you must check out whether written test would be there or an interview? If written test is there, then you need to prepare according to the sections of the test. You should make a preparation keeping in mind whether there will be subjective questions or the objective questions. If it is an oral interview, then the current affairs and general scenario of luxury industry should be on your tips, so that you can give answers to the interviewer confidently. It might sound weird, but rehearsing before attending the interview can help you figure out strengths and weaknesses and then you can work on them. Say, while rehearsing if you observed that you did not give your introduction perfectly, then you can mould your lines or you did not find your body language impressive, then you can search on Google about it and start working on it. 

8. Attain a degree in Luxury Management: Last, but not the least, you must have luxury management degree from a reputed college. LCBS is one the best institutes which prepares an individual serve a career in the luxury industry. This means that an individual is ready to serve any segment of the retail industry by fetching top positions like – brand manager, country head, operation head etc. LCBS offers varied luxury management courses like – Executive diploma in Luxury Management and Luxury Brand Management – Online. It also offers post graduate diploma course named as Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Management. It is the most ideal option for the professionals who have some experience in fashion & or retail sector, but wanting to move to luxury. These programs are internationally certified and help students apply for various job opportunities across the Globe.

The future of luxury brand management is competitive; therefore luxury brands owners expect that their staff should be smart, well spoken and well read. So, it is important that a luxury brand management aspirant must have all these qualities. Plus he/she must put in his/her efforts in the direction with the sense of positivity and zeal.



  1. How does the Luxury Industry Work?

    It works little differently compared to various retail industry with more diverse product portfolio that caters to various demographics. It covers a wide range of industries including jewelry, fashion, technology, wine and spirits and travel.

  1. How have you seen the luxury industry evolving in India?

    From the prospective of retailers, manufacturers, customers and consumers India has seen the market growth in past 5 years.
    The higher quality of manufacturing and lower manufacturing costs in India provides unique advantage to all brands that are manufacturing in India and selling globally.

  1. How to find your First Job in the Luxury Industry?

    First have a proper knowledge about how the Luxury industry works. Reach out to people working in your favorite brand then, build connections on LinkedIn. Drop them small text asking about any opening in their company. It works most of the time.

  1. How to I become Luxury Brand Manager? 

    Be updated on the latest Luxury Trends and Industry Forecasts. And also you would need a sense of how a company operates.

  1. Is Luxury Brand Management a Good Career? 

    The industry comes with a High pay and excellent travel opportunities.  You only need right trainings and connections.

  1. What is the scope of luxury brand management?

    The constant rise in the standard of living, increase in number of High earners, and love towards the luxurious lifestyle has led a positive scope of Luxury Brand Management globally and is expected to increase in Tier 1 cities.

  1. What does a luxury brand manager do? 

    Doing market research to find spending habits of targeted customers. Coordinating with various departments to ensure that the brand image stays intact. Creating customer feedbacks, monitoring, and reactions. Arranging the product launch events.

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