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Is Luxury Brand Management The Next Best Step For Your Career? 

In the last several years, Luxury in India has been growing consistently and drastically at a rate of 20% per annum. The potential luxury industry has, in the new generation, is mesmerizingly huge. With new luxury brands emerging every now and then, and established luxury brands evolving every second, smarter than ever workforce is the need of the hour.

Building a successful career in luxury brand management in India is much more accessible than before. With the number of luxury brands increasing, the requirement for professionals who can cater to the cream audience is increasing exponentially too.

However, the filter between mass brand professionals and luxury brand professionals still remains highly scrutinizing. Luxury Connect Business School offers multiple courses for a varied set of talent to support career growth in luxury brand management for global brands in India.

Do You Possess What The Luxe Needs?

Here are some of the most important factors that define your career growth in the luxury industry.

Understanding The Audience

The luxury audience, especially in India, does not comprise of elite and royal class anymore. Luxury consumption has now been more widely accepted by new age customers including fashionistas, experiential consumers, upwardly mobile shoppers, travelling professionals and businessmen.

Selling The Experience

In the luxury industry, a product is never sold. It is the experience that the product brings in the person’s life that sells. There can be x number of products, but the only thing that people remember in luxury is the experience that the brand gives. The features, cost and every other technical aspect becomes a secondary compliment to the experience you communicate to your client. If you can do this efficiently, no matter what brand you work for, your career growth will never cease to stop.

Note: Not many will tell you that they bought a Lamborghini X5000 Zeta, but all of them will tell you that it’s a ‘Lambo’. That is enough, and that is what you need to sell.

Quote Their Status Quo

In many studies conducted to understand and analyze the luxury consumer, one thing has remained constant – The Status. Every consumer buys from a luxury brand with the definition and relatability of their status with it. So, it is your job to effectively communicate and represent your brand as one of their own, meaning that they connect with it in the aspects of their status. If not the same, the brand should always come across with a feel of alleviating the status of a person. Doing this is your prime responsibility which will take you places in growing your career through customer relationship expertize.

Be Equipped With Qualifications

Luxury Brand Management is fast emerging as one of the most desired qualifications for global brands. As a young field of academics, luxury management brings a new way of experiential knowledge from renowned luxury industry veterans turned professors. At LCBS, every member of faculty possesses a personalized experience and is an expert of luxury industry through their evolution.

If you are a fresh graduate, going for Post-Graduation Diploma in Luxury Management can be the right ignition to build and scale your career in global luxury brands.

Join An Industry With No Pink Slip

If you want to choose the luxury industry as your career domain, it can be one of the safest paths to take. Ever since its conception, the luxury industry has experienced significant growth in customer base year on year. With great intrigue in the audience, the brands have also adapted to new age management behaviour. With a great relation built between luxury brands and consumers, the industry comes with no pink slip making it one of the safest and fastest growing career options for you.

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