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LCBS 3 Days Induction Program

It all started when pandemic happened. During pandemic, I was in doubt about my career as I was interested in fashion industry, so I started looking for courses related to fashion industry and then I came across this course called “Luxury Brand Management” and then I never looked back. So here I am pursuing it at LCBS. As part of our studies, LCBS had organized a 3 days induction program. It was an interaction program. This program held on 23rd Mar 2022 to 25th Mar 2022.


23rd Mar 2022…

On the first day of the induction, we were warmly welcomed by faculty members and had an introduction speech. It was then followed by some fun activities and a documentation session. As it was the very first day, we were very excited and nervous but every process went smooth and by the end of the day things got better.

24th Mar 2022…

On the second day of the induction, the college organized an industrial visit to “DLF Emporio Mall” for us. We were very excited for this new experience. We went to five luxury brand stores there. We started with Corneliani and Michael Kors, where we learned about how each brand creates its products and its brand stories.

We all got the opportunity to touch and feel the products in the stores, which was something we had never experienced before. We also went to Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Paul Smith. Out of five brands, two were a bridge to luxury brands and three were uber niche luxury brands. Overall, it was a very educational, experiential and enlightening visit to the stores. All of these brands feature magnificent showrooms. The staff at the stores was very well groomed and very knowledgeable. Hearing from them about the brands was encouraging because the way they communicated with us shows their enthusiasm for their work. The industry visit organized by LCBS gave us an incredible experience in the world of luxury.

25th Mar 2022…

On the third day of the induction, we met industry experts from RBL Group, BMW Bird Group and Swarovski who enhanced us further about the luxury sector, their experiences and the achievements they had aspired for. They also shared their viewpoints on how brands are working in India and also shared how the luxury sector has survived and has evolved post covid and what is the future of the Luxury Sector in India.

What we discovered post induction was that the luxury sector will always be a recession-proof sector as it has a competing advantage over other sectors in the market. Moreover, luxury in India has a lot of potentials and it will be going to get better from here as it is just started. To end up this, I would like to say that I am very thankful to LCBS for allowing me to be a part of the LCBS family. I am very thrilled to start my journey here and looking forward to pursuing my career in the luxury sector.

– By Gagan Gupta

    (PGDLM Batch 13)

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