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Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Skills Training

A good leader makes for an excellent manager, according to numerous management experts from all around the world. It is a well-known fact that a person with a natural flair and propensity towards leadership can become an ideal manager in an organization.

Leadership skills are most emphasized in people who are into luxury brand management. This niche field requires the brand manager to be a people’s person to whom the subordinates, team members, and most importantly, the elite customers are attracted to. Management experts consider that leadership and management are synonymous with each other. It is important to understand and realize that effective leadership skills are the mark of an effective and efficient manager.

According to a report from Statista, the luxury brand market is on upward trends for many years. According to the report, the global personal luxury brands market was 212 billion euros in 2013 and crossed 249 billion euros in 2016. This hugely expanding industry need millions of skilled managers to retain, maintain and attract huge customer potential that is still untapped.

Importance Of Leadership Skills in Luxury Brand Managers

Leadership in a luxury brand usually involves creating a viable atmosphere for the subordinates and the client to work in efficiently and comfortably. A true leader is distinguished by their ability to influence and drive a group of people to achieve and accomplish the set corporate goals.

Managers are undoubtedly the leaders in a corporate organization. The leadership skills are required most when working for a renowned luxury brand. Although this is a niche market, it has the toughest level of competition with the various rival brands in the same market. Let us check the aspects that make a good leader, and in turn, makes for an excellent luxury brand manager:

  • Initiative taker — A leader is known for taking the initiative. They are able to work through communicating, the policies and plans to the subordinates in the best possible manner, which ensures the actual beginning of work on any corporate project.
  • Motivational – A leader in management will constantly motivate the employees through monetary and non-monetary rewards, to get the work done efficiently and in the best way.
  • Guide — A leader in management skills not only has to supervise the progress of the project in hand but also acts as a guide for the entire team which is working on the project.

Why a Good Leader makes an Excellent Luxury Brand Manager

Management professionals having excellent leadership skills make for the best luxury brand managers. Their leadership aspects prove truly fruitful when it comes to making the team work to their full potential but also in keeping the clientele engaged through innovative new branding ideas.

These are the main points that show how the proper training for leadership skills can make you the best manager for luxury brand companies:

  • Leaders have an effective way of not only delegating responsibilities according to the individual’s strong point but also to direct the development of projects and implement the best vision of the organization.
  • Leadership skill training is useful for directing the management functions in the most efficient manner. An effective leader is able to manage the planning, staffing, organizing, controlling and direction of the various corporate aspects of a luxury brand.
  • A manager having good leadership skills is able to inspire and motivate others, irrespective of the hierarchy of the organization.

Luxury Connect Business School is a renowned management institute. For imparting the best training for leadership skills in luxury brand management, LCBS has devised high quality programs. It offers an extensive range of post-graduate diploma courses in luxury brand management which help to fine-tune your management and leadership skills effectively. It has well-experienced professors from across the globe. Luxury Connect Business School is India’ 1st and only Luxury B- School. It took the initiative to prepare the highly capable young workforce to be ready for this extensive luxury market. Students at LCBS get real-time exposure to luxury brands. They are trained through workshops and site visits of luxury brands. Students get to interact with industry veterans as LCBS has long-standing industry relations with several global Luxury brands such as 3MW, Ferrari, Versace, Ganjam, Lodha, Roseate and many more. Students get a unique cultural and learning experience while studying at LC8S.

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