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What are the High paying courses in India?

Career decisions are the most important decisions in any person’s life. Various things need to be considered before taking this decision. First of all, the person needs to be passionate about the specific career. And moreover, it must be promising enough from payment perspective as well. On this context, given below is the list of some of the high paying courses in India.

Marketing professionals Marketing courses are obvious to be there in the list of high paying courses in India. It holds great scope of earning. The more experienced you get, greater becomes the package. Marketing experts can easily earn around eight lacs per annum at the very basic level, which at its peak can reach around 30 lacs as well. One must have the bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration for such positions.

IT Courses

It’s the ear of technology. Technology is controlling the life of modern-day people in a great way. In this context, demand for the good technology developers is obvious to be there. IT courses always remain there in the list of high paying courses in India. Specifically, those who love the challenge of coming with something distinguishing can certainly make the most of this profession. Such people can enjoy the great scope of earning being the IT architects or R&D experts of any company. A senior IT expert in India can easily earn around 20 lac per annum.

Investment Bankers

Investment banking is obvious to be considered as one of the high paying courses in India. These are the people who suggest top industrialists or rich people on where and how to invest their many. Now, being the brain behind the proper utilization of wealth of rich personalities or top companies, these people are obvious to earn handsome money.

A bachelor degree program in finance or investment banking can make someone enter into investment banking world. One must good at mathematics to be in this profession. Though senior investment bankers often charge per commission, at entry level itself an investment banker can easily earn 20 lacs per annum.

Chartered Accountant

No matter how powerful is an entrepreneur, fearing a CA is quite obvious for him. They can find a flaw in any business. No one challenge a CA, as they can turn things disastrous for the concerned company in tax game. Those interested in being such game changers can work hard to clear CA programs post completion of bachelor’s degree. The minimum salary for a CA is 32 lacs per annum.

Luxury Brand Management

With growing luxury brands industry, luxury brand managers are in huge demand. Luxury brands like Rolex, Gucci, BMW, Mercedes Benz and more are looking for well qualified and expert luxury brand managers. A luxury brand manager can look forward to a high paying career with many perks such as cash, incentives, company sponsored travel, five-start meals, networking with celebrities and more. They can expect salaries between INR 10-36 LPA depending upon their experience level.

Good news is that there are some incredible institutions available in India itself. Luxury Connect Business School holds a good reputation for providing best quality management courses preparing aspirants for catering to every growing luxury industry. LCBS has industry relations with big names in the national and international luxury industry. Students here get exposure to the luxury industry. Apart from highly qualified and experienced faculty, it offers campus placement opportunities with interesting payment packages.

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