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Luxury Brand Management

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Luxury – a combination of tradition, modernity, culture, heritage and good taste. A course in Luxury Brand Management is particularly designed to make you competent and efficient in the latest best management practices, besides just branding techniques. Gain the required knowledge to lead a brand effectively and successfully. Learn how to build a brand from ground zero. The luxury industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. From a complex maze of handicraft, luxury today is facing disruptions caused by technology and extreme digitization. Learn about the latest developments in luxury brand management and equip yourself with a better understanding of the latest in the world of luxury.

Luxury Brand Management Courses – Advantages
A course in luxury brand management can sharpen your inherent talent for not only innovative advertising ideas, but also strategic management practices so very necessary when dealing with the HNI community.

A masters degree in Luxury Brand Management will provide you with a knowledge of:

  • Brand Management Principles
  • Brand Promotion
  • Market Research
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Communication, Public Relations, and Customer Relationships
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Consumer Demand Prediction
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Branding
  • Luxury Logistics
  • Consumer behavior
  • Customer service ane experience management.
  • Market trend analysis and forecast
  • And many more subjects.

The Indian Luxury Industry has been growing at a steady pace of 20-25% for the past several years. Projected to be at around 50n USD today, it is likely to touch 180b$ by 2025. A host of international luxury brands are entering India. In addition, several Indian luxury brands are being launched across sectors of fashion, jewelry, watches, hospitality, travel gear, footwear etc.

Big brands always need new talent in order to gain a competitive advantage over their industry rivals. From cell phones to insurance companies to pharmaceutical companies, there is always a need in the country for talented young people in brand management.

Luxury Connect Business School, is completely focused around the luxury management stream. It offers a wide range of educational courses in luxury brand management. The institute offers postgraduate diplomas and specialty certification programs that will help you improve your brand management skills and make you an expert in luxury brand management.

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