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Luxury Brand Management: A Gateway Towards Opportunities

The luxury industry is burgeoning at a fast pace across the world. Brands are designing luxury products to cater to the ever-increasing clientele of luxury good. When it comes to the luxury goods industry, selling is not just a job; it becomes art because luxury relates to experience. Over the past decade, the Indian Luxury Market has boomed. According to a report from Euro Monitor International, India’s luxury market is expected to grow 86 percent in constant value terms between 2016 and 2019. With such growth rates, it is obvious that the career opportunities in the Luxury Industry are ample. Doesn’t this give you a reason altogether to pursue a career in Luxury?

Through Luxury Brand Management, you could do that easily. Once you enter the industry, the options are numerous. One such field which has gained popularity is Retail management.It requires salespersons who understand the nuances of handling such clientele. Theyshould know the language, mannerism, and knowledge required to sell luxury goods.It includes everything that brings the customer to the outlet and fulfills the requirements. When it comes to fashion retail management, people can gain insight into the principles of marketing and merchandise. To a certain extent, the concepts emphasize sales management, brand management, and customer relationship management.

However, without relevant knowledge about the luxury industry, pursuing such a career in Retail Management would be futile. There are certain factors that need to be considered.

What should you consider before entering the Luxury Industry? 

If you aspire to enter the luxury industry, then there are certain aspects you have to consider.

Dynamic personality – Since you will bedealing with diverse customers, you should have impeccable communication skills. Moreover, you should be a good listener and be capable to motivate others within the team.

Ready to face challenges – In the luxury industry, customer service has been given a lot of importance. You should be willing to face challenging situations. In case you are not treating the customer in the best way, then you are sure to tarnish the company’s reputation.

Deliver extraordinary performance – Since you would be responsible for meeting the needs, you should be good at maximizing profitability and increasing the turnover. After all, business growth is only measured by sales and profit.

What are the other career options in the Luxury Industry?

When you attain a degree from one of the best business schools in India, you could always apply to numerous job opportunities.After pursuing a course in Luxury Brand Management, you can also work with designers, export houses, media houses or can start your own venture. Apart from a Retail Manager, you could be a Luxury Brand Manager,Merchandising Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Product Manager or a PR Specialist.

Currently, Luxury is an 18.5 billion-dollar industry in India. So, the scope of luxury brand management is huge. The luxury industry includes diverse fields such as cars, watches, wines, chocolates, fashion, jewelry and even services. Recognized as the leading luxury business school, Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS) is proud to offer training when people enroll in different courses.It is known for preparing aspirants to cater to the growing luxury goods industry. Moreover, the faculties at the educational institute are more than happy to help students enhance their skills.

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