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Luxury Brand Management: A Path towards Luxury Fashion Industry

Do you like to be part of the ever growing luxury brands industry? Are you looking for a challenging job in a creative field like luxury fashion industry? In that case, you should consider taking up a program in luxury brand management. The fashion industry is a segment of the luxury brand industry. With an appropriate knowledge and expertise to understand luxury industry, you can carve a niche for yourself. Dealing with luxury brands consumers is different from dealing consumers of normal brands. A person has to understand the consumer’s behavior as to why they want to indulge in a particular product. Selling luxury is about selling experiences.

The luxury fashion industry is growing at a fast pace and it is too competitive. A master’s program in luxury brand management will teach you about the luxury goods management, marketing, brand management and retail management and other things.

Once you have a certain expertise, you can achieve your dreams to work in big luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel or Cartier or a many more. You can become a fashion store manager, fashion brand manager or a fashion PR specialist. You get to work with celebrities of the fashion world!

How can a program in luxury brand management help you get a job in the fashion industry?

After doing your management course, you can enter fashion industry with confidence. There are several kinds of jobs available in this industry such as following

Luxury brands Manager:

The job of a luxury brand manager is very crucial. Your job will be to develop a marketing strategy to attract potential clients. To achieve this, you have to keep in contact with all departments of your company. Your job will be to create an image of company’s brand and make it attractive among the consumers.

Your responsibilities will be as follows

  • Market research for creative marketing strategies
  •  Organise and manage the marketing campaigns
  • Connect with promotional agencies
  • Collaborate with brand designers
  • Budgeting tasks for marketing campaigns

Fashion brand/luxury goods product manager

As a Fashion brand/luxury goods product manager, you will be responsible for the product planning to its marketing. The job starts with market research and understanding consumer behavior. Fashion is not limited apparel segment; it has a range of products including footwear, bags, jewelry and other things. As a product manager, you will be collaborating with different sections including design, quality assurance, sales and marketing and

Fashion PR Specialist:

  • As fashion PR specialist, you will have the opportunity to work with hotshot celebrities of the fashion world, attend fashion shows, award shows, and big events,
  • As fashion PR specialist, you will work to enhance the image of your brand.
  • You work closely with media and ensure the strong and appealing image of your brand.
  •  Connect and maintain relations with editors of fashion magazines to write articles about your brands.
  • Handle clients and keep them happy.

Above mentioned are just a few options; career scope is extremely wide once you are ready with the required expertise. You can have other options also such as sales consultant, customer service representative for a fashion house or luxury brand.

Luxury Connect Business School holds a good reputation for offering well-structured management courses. LCBS is one of the leading luxury management institutes in India and has great faculty. Students are exposed to national and international luxury brands to have the best experience of working in the real-time environment.

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