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With butterflies in my stomach, I set my foot on LCBS’s campus and here’s how the story unfolded.

LCBS- LUXURY CONNECT BUSINESS SCHOOL, my start to a whole new pathway of life, learning the luxury brand management with the only school in the country.

Luxury Brand Management – Story unfold . “What a student generally expects from its initial days of new college is getting to know about the college, new friends, faculties, course, what all will be there in the induction program etc. Same was my experience when I entered LCBS on my first day. Dressed up in proper fitted suit with a handsomely knotted tie, I was quite satisfied with myself and was excited on the other hand to contribute maximum towards the learning process of my new beginning.”

It all then started with a humble interaction with our CEO Mr. Abhay Gupta who gave a very thorough introduction of the course and the college which made me realise that it is harder than what I had perceived. On the other hand our Academic Co-ordinator Ms. Aarti Vij and our COO Mr. Akshay Gupta also guided us with the ways to move through this difficult pathway flawlessly.

The next day we visited two of the most prestigious properties from two different sectors i.e. The Grand Hyatt Residency in the real estate sector and Hotel The Roseate from the hospitality sector. Both the properties were very unique and different in their own ways. From the tall skyscrapers of The Hyatt to the grand entrance of The Roseate, from bathing in the mesmerising beauty of the nature in The Hyatt to experiencing the ultimate life full of leisure of The Roseate. Each and everything was very well planned and I could not resist myself from not coming out from both the properties.

On the whole it was a very luxurious and learning experience for all of us.

On the day 3, we were now supposes to present on the experience we had in our industrial visit. My friends and I gave presentations that were highly informative and our mentors not only liked them but also praised us.

It was now time to interact with experienced people from various luxury sectors whether it be from fashion or retail or insurance. Our college treated them with utmost respect and we were highly honoured that we got a chance to interact with them. Thank you LCBS for giving us such an opportunity.

I hope I become a totally changed person having professional managerial skills to work in a private company whenever I graduate from LCBS.

On this note, Blogger, I Adarsh Luharuka am signing off here.

Meet you people in my next blog. Till then take care, ciao.

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