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Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management

With the increased purchasing power of people today, aspiration to inculcate luxury into their lifestyles is extremely high. People have become conscious about their status and they want to experience superlative things in life to feel the ultimate pleasure and comforts. And the best thing is that all their luxurious fantasies are possible in current time. With the growing creative minds and out of box thinking of gen – next, luxury industry is growing day by day.  Luxury is not merely limited to automobiles or fashion, but has spread across hospitality, spas, wine, fine dining, health & fitness, travel & holidays, salons, cruises; watches & jewellery and much more.

Looking at the growing competition and complications within the luxury industry, luxury brand management has become the top priority. These experienced managers help brands build their market value and target the right audience.

What is Luxury?

Derived from the Latin word ‘Lux’, which means light, luxury means to stand out. ‘Luxury’ denotes quality, wealth, comfort and aspiration. Luxury is something that is not essential, but the state of enjoying desirable things in life. As per Coco Chanel, “luxury is the necessity that begins where necessity ends’.

What is Luxury Brand Management?

Luxury brand management is a wholistic stream of specialised management where a qualified luxury brand manager acts as a custodian of the brand. He undertakes several functions like developing compelling displays of luxury goods through powerful messaging and creative images. Luxury brand management practice maintains the quality of brands and builds a right connection between a brand and the consumers. Luxury brand management encompasses developing an interesting and exciting marketing strategy for the luxurious brand. It also involves conducting marketing research, collaborate with designers, manage budgets and oversee marketing campaigns.

The Future of Luxury

The future of Luxury industry is bright. While being busy into their hectic schedules, people find happiness by indulging into lavishness.  The spending on luxury is not based on rational decision making process, but it is based on emotions and feelings. Their senses demand to relax themselves by experiencing luxurious moments like spa services, retail shopping, entertainment, food and travel.

COVID-19 has been one of the serious situations that world has never experienced in terms of social and economic setbacks. Even business tycoons have experienced the worst period of their life. People had started controlling their luxurious needs. But as the psychologists say, “human nature never changes”, today the same coronavirus feared people are roaming around in the seek of luxury. They have started going out to eat, planning holidays and buying groceries from retail shops. 

COVID-19 might have changed the way we interact, work, shop and spend time. But it is not going to change who we are and what we want from life. Finally, after months of isolation, customers across the World have gathered the courage to experience life once again.

 So, it’s a clear indication that luxury is going to be progressive in the coming time. So, if you are planning to pursue your education in luxury field, then it is going to be the best decision you can ever take for your successful career.

What is Luxury Brand Management course at LCBS?

Luxury Brand Management course at LCBS helps gain fundamental knowledge and improvise business strategies specific to luxury. This helps brands surpass competition in the ever-changing luxury market.

Our Luxury Brand Management courses help students employ new aged innovative marketing campaigns that can help companies compete with the established brands. With LCBS’s Luxury Brand Management Courses, one can fetch exciting job profiles such as:

1. Luxury Brand Manager: At this job profile, one is the overall brand responsible and acts as a CEO for the brand. He is responsible for the profit and loss of the brand in totality. He has to conduct market research for products and organize advertising campaigns. A luxury brand manager collaborates with brand designers and comes up with great ideas to enhance brand image.

2. Fashion Brand Manager: A fashion brand manager makes a person responsible for product planning and execution throughout the stages. This makes sure that the products meet the customers’ desires.

3.  Fashion PR Specialist: A fashion PR specialist keeps a close contact with the media and ensures an appealing brand image of the company. This helps handle clients’ complaints and maintain good terms with them.

4. Product Marketing Manager: A product marketing manager helps the brand closely scrutinize the entire development process, conducts market research and surveys to keep a watch on the customer demands.

5. Fashion Retail Buyer: A fashion retail buyer analyzes buying patterns, predicts future sales and maintains a healthy relationship with the suppliers. He/she mainly takes care of how the fashion brand should be sold among the target market.

Enrol with LCBS for Luxury Brand Management course:

Luxury Connect Business School, India’s first and only luxury B school to equip students with industry insights and help them learn marketing strategies. The institution aims at enhancing the skill landscape of luxury in India. With our diploma and post graduate programmes, we prepare the candidates to get better position in the fashion or luxury sector. Here are the luxury brand management courses offered by the LCBS institute.

1. Postgraduate diploma in Luxury Management: It is one of the best luxury brand management courses offered by LCBS. It is beautifully designed to hire fresh graduates who are willing to make their career in luxury industry. It also helps a graduate understand the nuances of handling luxury and give them a leading edge in the luxury market. 

2. Executive diploma in Luxury Management: This course helps working executives to develop luxury managerial capabilities to be able to take proper managerial decisions and tackle challenges of the Luxury industry. The program also provides hands-on knowledge about the major aspects of luxury through active real time projects.

3. Luxury Brand Management Online: It is designed for the students who are self learners and distance education seekers. This program gives an overview of the prevalent sectors of luxury in India and helps students develop a deep insight into luxury industry. Designed in byte size lectures, the rich content is a treat to watch and learn.

At Luxury Connect Business School, we provide intrinsic luxury fundamental knowledge, enhancing ones understanding power and skills required for the luxury industry. This course helps the students explore luxury sector and upscale their positions in the fashion or luxury sector. The curriculum is perfect balance of theoretical as well as practical aspects of luxury industry. By the end of all our programs, students understand each and every nuances of luxurious goods industry and plan better marketing strategies.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and let your career in luxury brand management reach unsurpassable heights.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is luxury brand management course?

Ans: Luxury Brand Management has been thoughtfully designed for those who have recently graduated, and or for professionals with some experience in fashion & or retail sector, but wanting to move to luxury.

Is luxury brand management a good career?

Ans: Yes pursuing Luxury Brand Management course is a good career option. The demand to supply ratio of luxury qualified professional being low, students are able to find lucrative placements immediately on completion of the course. In fact LCBS students normally have a few opportunities to choose from for the internship / employment.

What are the career options in luxury brand management?

Ans: One can be a Luxury Brand Manager, Fashion Retail Manager, Marketing manager, communications and PR manager, logistics and or also a Visual merchandiser besides customer associates.

Which course should I choose?

Ans: Depending on ones’ qualification and aptitude, one can choose PG Diploma in Luxury Brand Management, Executive Diploma in Luxury Brand Management or an online program in luxury management.

Where can I study luxury brand management?

Ans: You can study Luxury Brand Management with Luxury Connect Business School as it’s India’s First and only Luxury Business School.

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