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Luxury Connect Opens The Gates To Indian Luxury

Luxury Connect Opens The Gates To Indian Luxury

Sensing a gap in the market, Luxury Connect Business School has designed a program Offering attendees two weeks of experiential & immersive learning in the luxury heartland Of India. Here, Luxury Connect Founder & CEO Abhay Gupta provides an insight.

The grandeur of Udaivilas Palace, the intricacies of Nizam Jewels, the beauty of handcrafted couture – just a few of the globally recognised charms that Indian Luxurious heritage has always intrigued the west! Students, tourists, designers, art lovers, historians are all fascinated by the romanticism, the mysticism, the natural beauty & the glorious and diversified association with luxury. This is where it all began – from Columbus to Queen Elizabeth and the East India Company – none could resist the lure of the luxe called India.

It’s no wonder that even the current world is fascinated with knowing more about the mystic romance that embraces India. Every year millions of people sojourn to get a flavor of the richness of various monuments, art, textiles, cuisine and warmth of natural hospitality. To understand India’s luxurious cultural diversity and the highest standards of service is what draws them to India.

Luxury Connect Business School brings forth an opportunity to experience the incredible journey that is India “
But how does one get to understand & explore this entire monumental task which could take months of in depth study, travel to distant lands and yet not be able to receive any structured inputs?

Luxury Connect Business School brings forth an opportunity to experience the incredible journey that this country is, by way of a two weeks immersive learning program called “Experiential Luxury”.

Besides, global brands are no longer in a position to ignore this fastest growing market of the BRlCS region. Hence, there has been an increasing desire by students & executives alike, to learn and understand this market further. Identifying this need gap, Luxury Connect Business School has launched this unique program which provides a chance to gain profound insights of the rich & luxurious cultural heritage while experiencing luxury in the heartland of Incredible India. The experience covers various aspects of Indian heritage encompassing architecture, textiles, jewellery and handcrafted couture through fun and informative workshops.

*The program also includes designer and luxury boutique visits including a field trip to ‘The Emporio, Indias first luxury mall ”

The program also includes designer and luxury boutique visits including a field trip to The Emporia’, India’s first luxury mall. Meeting with eminent artists, luxury professionals, designers & personalities from the industry is an added attraction. Travel to key historic luxury destinations is a natural inclusion with gourmet experiences thrown in for full immersive learning.

Delegates will be able to soak up and understand the historical heritage and contemporary trends of Indian luxury industry, the lavish lifestyle of royalties and their kingdom, the entanglement of classical dances and music with spirituality fine arts and crafts. jewellery and the gastronomic delights from the deligates from the ravels. The Program has a two-fold of impoarting knowledge about Indian culture and market while sparking the creative instincts of the participants through live workshops on hand made textile and jewellery. This will be complemented by exposure to tenderness of Indian service and hospitality.

The course revolves around understanding the rich past, exciting present and promising future of Indian luxury industry besides understanding the Indian consumer. The program is meant for anyone keen to explore uncovered aspects of Indian luxury culture. Direct benefit could be particularly drawn by entrepreneurs, young executives and students in the fashion & luxury domain. Those desirous of adding new value dimensions to their careers by experiencing India’s vast resource of luxury fashion crafts & potential market, should avail this unique opportunity.

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