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Luxury is not Ordinary!!

DLF Emporio completed its luxurious 10 years in September 2018. The mall features many International and Indian luxury brands. I feel blessed to be part of Luxury Connect Business school. LCBS gave us a golden oppurtunity to visit this mall to gain practical knowledge. We got a chance to interact with some of the high end fashion brands.

We stepped into FENDI where the store manager told us some interesting facts about it. FENDI has lot of F’s in their theme, it is all about fun and fur. Have you ever heard of THE Dior mansion? There is no word in dictionary which can express that feeling of entering Dior house. As Christian Dior said “By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” Mr. Anurag Tyagi, Country Head of Dior welcomed us to another world which is known as Dior. Being a student of LCBS, I was part of the discussion with him. That day I realised luxury is all about stories. From the Visual merchandising of the store to the colors used in merchandise had a story. The stories were so fascinating and took me to different zone. He made us so comfortable, he asked many questions about the brand and than beautifully told every answer. I can talk for hours about that experience and still i won’t be able to explain it. What does customer service mean in real life, Dior made us understood.

We went to other stores too like Corneliani, Armani junior and the experience was different as compared to others .

Now it was time to experience Versace, Roberto Cavalli & Missoni. Three different brands with different stories, themes, concepts, window display and merachandise. As soon as I entered Roberto Cavalli I could feel that brand is about flora and fauna. One can sense it by looking at handle of the gates or any merchandise it was all about wildlife.

Missoni, one more brand and one more idea. The brand is famous for its knitwear design. The best part is two persons can’t have the merachandise of same color. This fact made me awestruck. The beach wear were most desirable and fascinating. The last store we visited was Versace. The bold colors and stylish prints which make the brand different was seen all through the store. And how one can forget the logo, medusa, which itself is a story.

The overall experience of coming across luxe brands was remarkable. Thank you LCBS for teaching us both practical and learnings. I learnt and observed every single thing of brands. Every single second in the back of my mind I was dreaming to give same experience to LCBS students in coming years.

By Srishti Jain
PGDLM 2018 – 2019

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