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It’s not a job, it’s a joy”– Ralph Lauren

The statement prompted me in the direction of luxury, telling me you’re at the right place.
I was on the quest for that- Joy, so earlier this year, I came across Luxury Brand Management and decided to go for it. Simultaneously I learned about- Luxury Connect Business School. It just happened, like pieces of a puzzle that go together. Sure, google ads; but I think it has a lot more to do with the relationship the college has built with luxury by being India’s first-ever luxury B-school.

The puzzle I mentioned earlier took its shape further, and I got admitted to LCBS. Ever since that day, I waited.…for…. the……session…to…begin. I wasn’t so good at the waiting because I updated the education section of my LinkedIn profile even before the session started.

Just a few hours before my first week at LCBS, India won against Pakistan in the Asia Cup second cricket match, so I knew the coming week would be good. It went great!!

On the first day, we were introduced to all the subjects, the Luxury industry and the expectations from our batch. Excitement? Hope? Nervousness? But even bigger passion? Yes, a perfect combination of all these emotions. After our classes, Akshay Sir conducted a small session to ask us, the online students, about our feedback and what they could do to make the arrangement more effective. There I felt welcomed. A small orientation session was organized on the second day for me and one of my batchmates because, unfortunately, we could not attend the Induction program. There, I felt supported.

Our regular classes started. We started digging deeper into the program. We were introduced to new faculty every day, and as promised, they were indeed Industry experts. Interacting with them, getting to know them, their insights and new concepts all felt amazing. One moment we were decoding ads, and the next, we were learning about the retail store layout and temperature. And I was all in for it.

It was not all beautiful as classes were a bit tiring too because 2 hours straight is no joke. I remember looking at the time even when I had 1-hour long sessions in my previous educational pursuits. During the week, I often found myself tired at the end of the day but feeling this way because I was moving forward felt great too. The whole structure speaks out that the program is going to be demanding. It will need tremendous effort and hard work. The good thing is that I signed up only after embracing this fact.

So here I am, looking forward to all the upcoming weeks, ready to join more pieces of the puzzle together; and shape up my joy.

– By Vedika Dehariya

    (PGDLM Batch 14)

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