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Our Introduction with the Program started with the Well-Planned 3-Day Induction Program

I had been looking forward to start my journey as a Luxury management student. Luxury is a term which has attracted me since the beginning of my awareness of it due to its exclusive nature. Our introduction with the program started with the well-planned 3 day Induction program. The aim was to get us better acquainted with the faculty and our seniors.

On the 1st day, there was an introductory speech and a very warm welcome by our professors. We were asked to introduce ourselves and had an ice breaking session. The interaction was in no way felt intimidating and I was very comfortable during the whole process.

Next day was the industry visit and we visited several Luxury stores. Our first stop was a Lamborghini showroom. We got to know about how the luxury automobile industry works and how they are different from their competitors. It was a memorable experience as I got the chance to personally experience the Lamborghini by getting inside the car and understanding why is it “Lamborghini”.

We also visited Nirav Modi and Rolex. The stores were beautifully designed and I tried seeing things with new perspective. All the enlightening talk with the staff members made me realize that lot of hard work and efforts goes into the whole process so the end result is perfect.

The final day was the industry connect session in which we were introduced with several reputed personalities from the industry.

I am excited to be a part of this institute and the innovative program it offers as it will give me an opportunity to do something different. The career path aligns with my future planning and I am very satisfied with my choice. I aim to add value to the industry and learn something from it as well.

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