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Luxury Brand Management Courses

Arun Pandey

Hi I am Arun Pandey, just completed my luxury retail management from LCBS. First of all, I will like to thank my organization, Delhi Duty Free for giving me this opportunity to become the part pf LCBS. Now a little introduction to LCBS. LCBS Is the real definition of luxury. Its classroom, coloring, teachers, projectors, surroundings, fragrance and even everything. While LCBS campus talk about its exclusivity & luxury. LCBS is the luxe way of teaching luxury retail management. I have 7 years of experience of retail management. I have been specialized from 4 different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and whatever I learnt I learnt from my seniors. 

But in LCBS, its teaching is totally different. But what I learnt in LCBS is totally different and unique. In LCBS, I learnt when retail born, when retail came in the world, and most importantly I learnt the difference between retail and luxury retail. Here I learnt the base of luxury retail, the root of luxury retail, the need of luxury retail, the importance of luxury retail and most important, the demand of luxury retail and success of luxury retail. LCBS is the structured way of learning luxury retail management. From top to bottom. If I talk about my personal achievement, LCBS plays a great role in that. Along with retail knowledge, LCBS talks about personality and resume in interview. The importance of resume in interview I came to know from LCBS only. Under the guidance of LCBS, I improved my personality and LCBS designed my resume for the biggest interview of my career. When I was sitting for the final round of my interview with the COO of my company. With Ashish Chopra Sir. The moment he said really impressive Resume Arun I am impressed; my confidence gets doubled and, in the end, I cracked the interview. Due to this LCBS in just 6 months I have been awarded Employee of the year award and right now I have been promoted as Assistant Department Manager @DDFS. Just because of LCBS and its excellent and experienced LCBS. I will personally suggest each and every person who is part of retail please go under training in LCBS which is totally different from your experience. 

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