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Komal Garg

Before joining this course, I was really apprehensive about how it will work out for me because like other people, I also used to believe that Management Degree is for someone who is from Commerce background. But I am taking this opportunity to share my experience that my perspective has been changed completely over time. I am a Philosophy Honours Graduate, but I don’t think that I’ve faced any challenge in doing this course. All it required was a bit of Hard work and Commitment. The college provides you a lot of practical exposure with the theory. 

This course enables you to integrate the knowledge you come with, along with the set of skills that you acquire during the whole program, so this a more holistic way of learning. As a result I have got 2 offer letters from Rolex,Ethos and Lecoanet Hemant from which I have chosen Rolex, Ethos.

I am really thankful to LCBS for guiding me through this whole process and for the mentorship that I received at every step.