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Ratandeep Kaur

I was looking for a course in Luxury Brand Management. What I ended up getting is a remarkable gift. The innovative curriculum and the framing of the course is such as to provide the student with in-depth knowledge of the notions that are taught in class, packed with the careful selection of case studies and videos. Abhay sir’s experience and knowledge related to the luxury industry is quite inspiring.

Every day had been a new learning experience both academically or otherwise. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. The course is challenging, yet very informative so that we don’t feel lost when entering the competitive market.  

Here, I would especially like to mention the commendable support provided by Akshay throughout the curriculum. He was always willing to offer his assistance, guidance, and support. The supportive faculty and seniors, beautiful campus, quality education and real world- experiences. It’s everything one needs from a college, and a network developed for life.

I am extremely glad that I undertook this program, and will highly recommend it to all other students and professionals who wish to enter the luxury industry. Thank You LCBS.