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Tanvi Ajmani

Hi , I am Tanvi Ajmani and I’ve just finished my Luxury Brand Management program at LCBS. I love the way the curriculum was done and how the course is structured. One to start with the faculty who was teaching us, were all top shot industry professionals. People coming from the industry made a really big difference, because they were sharing real life experiences, and I think in today’s date and time it is very important.

If I talk about the curriculum, some of the things we did that really stuck with me were our studies around branding and customer service and I think these are two key areas or pillars in running a brand or being a successful brand manager, something that I was looking at becoming in near future.

 I am currently working with Koovs, I’ve done a few branding and communication projects with them, so it is really an added incentive for me, because it’s very important to be up to date with today’s industry, to know what’s happening around you, to know about luxury brands, to know about the things that actually function in the Indian market. I think LCBS’s course did all that and more for us.

And like I said, having industry professionals from outside and sharing their life experience with us made it really fulfilling journey. I actually got to meet a lot of luxury brands and interesting industry professionals through this course. I think it’s very important to keep doing something to update your skills and keep bringing you at par with the rest of the world.