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Scope of Luxury Brand Management at Luxury Connect Business School

Scope of Luxury Brand Management at Luxury Connect Business School

Today, in the capitalist society that we live in, success is measured by the size and numbers of luxury good that we acquire in our lifetime. Big cars and opulent houses are just the tip of this immense industry in the world. We all wish to make a distinct style statement by buying branded luxury goods, in the hope of enhancing our status in society.

India emerging as prime luxury good Consumer

Owing to the immense growth of the luxury brand market, management professionals are finding it to be one of the most lucrative markets for making a career. According to reports from a CBRE research study, India is rapidly gaining an the US, to be positioned as the leading luxury brands market in the world. The research conducted to study the marketing and growth pattern of around 300 globally-renowned luxury brands found that such brands tend to initially focus on the major metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai and Delhi, and then expand their operations to the rest of the major population centers in the country gradually.

The report shows that the major reasons for this intense spurt in luxury brands in the county can be attributed to the increased level of disposable income and the increase in the numbers of middle-class consumers.

With this in mind, thousands of management aspirants are seeking to enter this immensely lucrative job market, not only in India, but all over the globe. Luxury Connect Business School, the no. 1 business school for training in luxury brand management, offers the right kind of training which is especially required to manage this industry.

What can you do with an LCBS Luxury Brand Management post-graduate course?

LCBS, the premium management training institute in India, is renowned for partnering with the most renowned luxury brands to help train young management executives into becoming expert luxury brand managers.

Skills and Traits of a Luxury Brand Manager

An MBA aspirant can become a proficient and excellent luxury brand manager by taking the post-graduate luxury brand management course provided by LCBS. You only need to possess a certain skill set which is essential for becoming an efficient manager, such as:

  • Strong business management background
  • Hands-on experience in modern management practices
  • Natural flair for inter-personal interaction/rapport building for best social networking
  • Leadership qualities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Logical and multifunctional thought process, etc

When you have the above aspects already ingrained in you, then it becomes effectively easier to complete and excel at the advanced training provided by LCBS for becoming a luxury brand manager.

Scope as a Luxury Brand Manager

LCBS collaborates with several global leaders in the luxury industry to provide intense interaction for its students. The business school partners with BMW, Genesis Luxury, NIRAV MODI, Sotheby’s, and other such esteemed brand names in order to provide its students with hands-on training with these luxury brands.

With the post-graduate diploma course in luxury brand management from LCBS students are able to excel in their career, as luxury goods marketing managers, who have a distinctly bright future.

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