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Three Day Induction Programme at Luxury Connect Business School

To quote Mr.Giorgio Armani ‘‘To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.’’

Few minutes of your attention will give great insights towards the exhilarating journey we experienced at LCBS

The moment we entered the campus, it gave soothing experiences to our senses while observing the beauty of boutique model B-School full of uniqueness and elegancy, post few moments we entered the classroom, equipped with outstanding classroom and virtual learning experiences, Respected faculties and mentors entered the room, they welcomed and greeted us and had organised an amazing Ice Breaking session, as most of the students were unknown to others so they guided the session in a sophisticated way , we explored exciting facts about our mentors and faculties, further  we had course pedagogy and second day plan briefings

Second day was full of practical learning’s , We were provided with the opportunity to explore  In-hand touch and feel of Luxury at DLF EMPORIO, one of the finest luxury hubs in India, understanding the intricacies like Brands Story, Philosophies their target demographics and many nuances of the Industry.


Unique experiences clubbed together, the store managers of each brand were very kind answering our curiosities, had great deliberations on insights of the brands, and our view towards this Industry got paradigm shift whole together.

Moving forward to the third day, it was full of experiential learning from the Industry mentors coming from the cognitive sources who are leading Luxury Automobile, Retail and Jewellery giants, they shared real life incidents and learning’s from theirs life’s major and minor events which reflected  their humble approach towards life challenges.


I firmly believe, rooted passion and humbleness towards their work have made them sculpted personalities holding such responsible positions in our day in age, followed to that we delivered the presentation regarding the experiential mall visit in front of mentors and faculties, they noted the driving factors and points which needs to be improvised and further deliberated nuances  amongst students, This is how our exciting learning journey started at LCBS with the help of dynamic experienced faculties and mentors, can not thank them enough for their generous efforts and dedication which they showered on us from the very first day itself, I deeply believe they are doing their part out of passion towards nurturing us a future Luxury Industry Professionals and they are ready to deliver whatever it takes for them to build us strong personalities.

Hope you had great time reading and learning about my Induction experiences.

– By Rohan Prasad

    (PGDLMBatch 13)

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