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What kind of Jobs an MBA from premium institutes gets?

Today, 8 out of 10 prefer pursuing MBA – Masters of Business Administration to achieve a dream career. MBA not only helps sharpen strategy making abilities, but also provides knowledge about managing staff and take important decisions related to operations. There is a general mindset of people that MBA caters to only sales job. But the reality is that Global Luxury Management serves marketing field as well. If an individual attains degree from a reputed college, he/she gets the opportunity to crack various field apart from just sales. He/she can explore a career in marketing as well because reputed institutes impart both theoretical and practical knowledge about Marketing.

Regular MBAs can help you get sales executive job or a normal desk job. But, an MBA in luxury management from a reputed institute offers a preferred career choice.

Now, let’s understand the difference between pursuing an MBA from a normal institute and a reputed institute:

1. Industry choice: A regular MBA helps equip you with the regular management skills. Whereas, an industry preferred MBA like Luxury Management Course from a reputed institute can help one work across any level & across industries.

2. Course emphasis: A regular MBA may just offer a theoretical training in the field of investment and business. However, a PG Diploma in Luxury Management from a reputed institute offers both theoretical and practical training to boost their earning capacity right after acquiring the degree.

3. Infrastructure set up: Most of MBA universities operate out of a large & wide campus due to the large number of students they enroll. On the contrary, colleges offering branded courses like Global Luxury Management operate through boutique campuses. Luxury Management Colleges largely focus on a handful of students via a small batch size facilitated via boutique campuses.

4. Faculty members: The teachers of premier institutes impart practical skill development and training, apart from academic knowledge. The student teacher ratio being small, the focus per student is extremely high. While, faculty members at regular MBA institutes are unable to personalize their attention due to the large student teacher ratio. 

5. Course tenure: Typical full time MBA colleges cover their course content over a longer period of time, typically two years or more. But Luxury Management Courses offered by reputed colleges are intense and condensed into a shorter duration of academics followed by live projects and a compulsory internship. This helps save a lot of time and efforts.

6. Better recruitments: A regular MBA graduate can be only promise a regular job. However, pursuing MBA from a premier institute guarantees better placement options with great salary packages.

It’s quite clear that an MBA from a reputed college open doors to get recruited for best fields. It’s not only sales, but even marketing field can also be explored.  Let’s understand what best job opportunities are available for the individuals who hold MBA degree from premium institutes in the field of sales and marketing:

1. Sales and Marketing Manager: A Sales and Marketing manager develops marketing opportunities and help implement new sales plans. A Sales and Marketing Manager analyzes marketing budget and prepare annual plans. He/she has the capability to manage marketing and sales staff and perform the managerial duties to accomplish organizational goals. Sales and Marketing managers promote the existing brands and dedicate themselves to introduce new products to the market. He/she also maintains relationships with the clients by understanding their needs and helps them tap new opportunities.

2. Relationship Manager: Relationship Manager is responsible for maintaining best relationships with the customers of an organization. Individuals who attain MBA in Luxury Management can get an opportunity to be appointed as a relationship manager in a reputed retail sector. Relationship Managers play a key role in the execution of sales plans. They provide their valuable feedback based on the customer experience and improve existing services. Luxury Management Courses inculcate best interpersonal skills within people and groom them into a pleasant personality. Luxury Management courses also help develop good problem – solving skills and good communication skills among people.

3. Advertising Manager: Advertising Manager is responsible to direct company’s advertising activities. He oversees staff members for developing a creative and consistent brand-specific ad campaigns.  A person holding Luxury Management Course can contribute his skill in Luxury and Retail sector as an advertising manager. He can establish a project goal, monitor, approve, and also evaluate a project’s status and impact. An advertising manager researches about various means to inform customers about their firm’s products and services.

4. Market Analyst: The job of a market analyst is to gather and analyze data. He/she also concentrates on conducting research; makes forecast based on the findings and then make final reports on the findings. Using this information, the marketing analyst scopes out potential markets and provides recommendations for pricing. An MBA degree in Luxury Management from top institute helps a person develop best skills and get a job as a marketing analyst.

5. Creative director: Creative director has a great skill to work with variety of people belonging to different backgrounds that include copywriters, marketers, graphic designers and sales teams. Creative director sets a creative vision for the promotion of a product or a brand. He/she guides the team to execute a plan which helps promote the brand amidst target audience.

6. Business Development Managers: The main responsibility of abusiness development manager is to introduce new businesses for the company by following different methods ranging from desk calling, institutional sales and also door to door sales.  A PG diploma in Luxury Management helpsan individual learn great skills to expand businesses in Retail and Luxury industry. 

7. Account Managers:  Account Managers emphasize on existing accounts. Additionally, they ensure that creative solutions and innovative techniques would be found out to sell company services. The main goal of an Accounts Manager is to ensure client retention.  A Global Luxury Management Course from a reputed institute provides right techniques and strategies to the sales aspirants, which help them, achieve their target of sales and achieve great career in the field of sales.

8. Strategy consultant: An individual with Luxury Management Course is well equipped with the potential to conduct market research and develop branding strategies for luxury companies.  A strategy consultant liaisons and advises luxury brands for business expansion. A strategy consultant reaches out to customers to build brand love and use latest marketing technology.

9. Brand Manager: Brand managers are dedicated to promote goods and services across existing and emerging markets. With the increasing purchasing power, people are financially able to own branded luxury goods. People employ innovative marketing and promotional methods to maintain brand loyalty.  A person who pursues Luxury Management Course applies best management practices to enhance brand image & customer service.

10. E-Commerce Manager: E-commerce managers develop online strategic plans for companies and organizations that operate their business on the Web. They need to stay updated with the online marketing environment and adapt their strategy to best serve the interests of their organization and win competitive edge. Luxury Management Courses help individuals to build a lucrative career in the Luxury Industry as an E-commerce manager.

 11. Communications Manager:  Communication Managers manage all the internal and external marketing communications of the group. Global Luxury Management Course opens great opportunities for the people who want to explore Communications Manager profile.. He/she must attains the best skills to become highly organized and exceptional communicators. He/she also gets to learn to write well by applying logic and an analytical mindset.

12. Fashion PR Specialist: A PR specialist has a huge role to play towards luxury fashion industry. A Fashion PR Specialist has to maintain good relationships with the media in order to ensure that the brand image is put out appropriately. Luxury Management Courses help improve your interpersonal skills which ultimately help build your networking skills with fashion magazine editors and writers. A person also learns how to handle negative media portrayals of the brand.

So, if you haven’t thought to pursue an MBA from a premier institute, then you might lose a few opportunities in the job profiles explained above. Luxury Management Courses also help you find prolific job profiles with in the Luxury Industry.

Scope of MBA holders from top-notch institutes in Luxury Industry

Luxury industry has seen a sharp rise in India owing to its increased consumers. Today, the India Luxury industry is worth 40 billion dollars. Luxury industry encompasses diversified fields like – chocolates, wines, malls, hospitality, jewelry, private jets, automobiles, fashion, hospitality, jewelry and watches etc. Making a career in the Luxury industry would definitely be an unconventional career option of 21st century. In today’s age of advancement, luxury industry has a huge scope in coming times.

Why LCBS institute should be your top choice to pursue PG Diploma in Luxury Management?

LCBS institute is the best institute to pursue PG Diploma in Luxury Management. The course content helps develop marketing skills, communication skills, and creative skills to analyze brand strategies in a better way. Luxury Management Course from LCBScreates unique opportunities for people in Luxury industry. Luxury Brand Management course from LCBS teaches a person to analyze the consumer behavior, market demand, and understand the target audience better. Global luxury management enables you to develop important skills like merchandising, sourcing, brand development, distribution and pricing, all crucial aspects unique to the luxury brand management industry. MBA degree in Luxury Management also helps person hone media marketing and communication skills that are much needed to include content creation and relationships development with brands online. 

So, get in touch with us today and enroll now. We’d be happy to help you in setting the path of successful career ahead.

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