The Changing Face of Luxury In India

The Indian luxury landscape is clearly experiencing Strong evolutionary undercurrents

The Fibre to Fashion of Luxury in India.

'Luxury - the mere mention of the term brings in instant images of grandeur, high fashion,

The Incredible Indian Luxury Consumer!

Luxury in India is growing at a breathtaking pace of almost 20+ percent for past several years.

The Luxury Digital Dilemma

Luxury & digital have been strange and uncomfortable bed fellows until Burberry changed it all....

Sustainable Luxury Marketing - An Imperative Approach

Authors Mr. Abhay Gupta CEO & Founder Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect Business School, Gurgaon

Scope of Luxury Brand Management at Luxury Connect Business School

Today, in the capitalist society that we live in, success is measured by the size and numbers of luxury good

The Top 7 luxury retail cities in India

The latest news in the global luxury brand entry story is that of American fashion label Coach,

Time to Choose the Best Luxury Management Courses

India is home to an immense population which is the perfect set-up for small and large businesses

University Offering Luxury Business Management

When it comes to luxury goods market, India is gaining fast over other countries as being one

Luxury Connect brings global luxury education to India

Shortage of trained manpower in the luxury industry is spawning new business opportunities.

Why Choose PG in Retail Management Today?

Retail management is more than just managing the day-to-day running of your brand.

Scope in fashion post Luxury Management

The global luxury goods and services industry is one of the most lucrative and competitive industries today.

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