How Important is a Fashion Brand Management Program?

Luxury and fashion brand management is one of the most intensely dynamic and fast-paced industries

How does Corporate Training Help in Luxury Brand Management

Customer servicing plays an important part in every sector, but its quality plays a crucial role

How Can a Course in Customer Service Boost your Career in Luxury Brand Management

Ask any management guru, and they will tell you how vital an efficient and prompt customer service

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Fashioning Success in Indias Luxury Market

The luxury fashion and lifestyle market in India is one of the world's most multifaceted,

Fashion and Luxury Brand Management- LCBS

Fashion and luxury brand Management is increasingly becoming popular worldwide. With the rise in numbers of luxury market in India, The high end fashion and luxury brand market in the county are also

Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories-Fastest Growing Sector In The Bridge To Luxury Space

"The UK-based retail giant Marks Spencer is looking to hire up to 300 people in India next fiscal

Education Is A Gift That None Can Take Away

Top Management Programs in India India is experiencing a huge shift in the retail market.

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Digital Luxury Kal aaj aur kal

Since the dawn of the current digital age, society has been reshaping and re-evolving at a faster pace.

Customer Experience Course Concludes

Service-based organisation, Luxury Connect has started a three-day Luxury Customer

Courses in Customer Service

For a luxury brand, an efficient and effective customer service is one of the highest priorities.

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