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Abhay Gupta


The Indian luxury landscape is clearly experiencing strong evolutionary undercurrents that are redefining the consumer profile and also how luxury players need to operate in this domain.

– Abhay Gupta

CEO's Message

Welcome to Luxury Connect Business School – categorically India’s first and only focused Luxury School and off course your passport to a great career in the luxury industry!

Being a part of Luxury Connect is the first step into the fabulous world of luxury that you have so carefully chosen as a career direction.

With probably the most prolific set of mentors and faculty with hard core luxury, retail and sourcing experience that you would not find anywhere else, we will be happy to be your guiding light in this phenomenal world of luxury .

The mentors will not only bring you on board but also steer you through the myriad sea of luxury – smoothly and safely – enriching your awareness and knowledge base at every step. Like the oceans, Luxury is a vast segment with infinite possibilities; It’s a way of life that exceeds all your expectations.

Success is never easy to achieve – we all know that. At LCBS every individual goes through the rigmarole of pedagogic mentoring, learning the art of appreciating the finer objects in life, being exposed to the various nuances of luxury segments and their peculiarities – thus one strives to build and create a strong multi faceted personality – ready to take on the world of luxury. All this is achieved with the help of our vastly experienced and multi talented group of mentors, who have themselves seen the best of success in their chosen fields.

I can personally assure you of experienced mentorship and guiding your journey through the Luxury maze. Believe me the learning’s delivered at LCBS, will enable you to perform and become the much sought after luxury professional every brand and company in the industry.

LCBS, you will learn and acquire the intricate knowledge about the most discreet facts and traits of the industry – thus enabling you to hit the ground running.

So folks, here is wishing you the very best – get geared up for embarking on the fabulous journey of Luxury Professionals.

Thank You,

Best Wishes
Abhay Gupta
Founder & CEO

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