Highest Paying Jobs in India 2023


Money is the most powerful tool to fulfill your wishes. A strong career profile leads you towards a maximum salary package. This is 2023, the World is super advanced. Besides Doctors & Engineers, there are a lot many other opportunities that allow you to earn a high income. Even, the Indian economy has paved way towards exciting career opportunities. There are a lot of professional openings in India. From IT to Marketing to Medicine to Finance, youth can discover highest paying jobs in India. Candidates are getting placed in various companies on a good package. Even, fresher’s who possess great knowledge in their respective fields are fetching salaries in lakhs and even crores when they pass out from renowned colleges and institutions.

We have compiled a report where we talk about the highest paid salary jobs in India. It gives an insight about the booming jobs in recent years. Go through the list and understand the trends and salary of the highest paying jobs:

1. Business Manager:

Business managers take care about operations of businesses to maximize production without affecting the quality of products. Business managers have to perform comprehensive functions from managing vendors to solving customer issues. Business managers make sure that the tasks of employees are well aligned with the objectives of businesses. Business managers might also develop and implement budgets, prepare reports for senior management and ensure the department complies with the company policies. The managers also make sure that safety standards are met within office premises.

      Average Salary Package: Rs. 6 – 8 Lakhs Per Annum 
     Qualifications: Masters of Business Administration degree
     Skills required:

  • Great communication skills
  • Forward planning and strategic thinking
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Delegation and time management

2.Chartered Accountant:

Managing finance is not everyone’s cup of tea. Lucky we have CAs to approach. A chartered accountant is a specialist who gives us professional advice about managing audit financial statement, GST, income tax return, tax deducted at source, ESI, EPF etc. Chartered Accountant is one of the highest paying jobs as he/she handles finances for companies as well as salaried individuals to make sure that people remain profitable while being tax compliant. Since, finance is a crucial domain of every person’s life, CAs never go out of demand. In fact, in India, since the number of taxpayers continues to grow, the demand for CA’s remains high. From large corporations to small corporations, CAs are hired by a range of firms.

     Average Salary Package: Rs. 8 to 75 Lakhs Per Annum
    Qualifications: Chartered Accountancy degree from ICAI

     It has 4 levels:

  • Common Proficiency Test
  • Integrated Competence Professional Course
  • 3 Years Article ship Training
  • CA Final     

     Skills required:

  • Good number crunching skills
  • Sound analytical abilities
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Team work and collaboration

3. Investment Banker

Investment banker is one of the highest paying jobs in India. An investment banker helps raise funds for government agencies and corporation. An investment banker structures the issuance of various securities like – stocks and bonds. Investment bankers have strong quantitative abilities who assist companies, organizations and other entities raise funds through Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions. Investment Bankers also help clients perform business valuation analysis by using leveraged buyout methods, discounted cash flow and transaction comps. He/she saves a lot of time of clients by identifying the risks associated with the particular project

      Average Salary Package: Rs. 2 – 10 Lakhs Per Annum
     Qualifications:  Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com – Hons.), Bachelor of Arts (BA in Finance/Economics), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program.
      Skills required:

  • Ability to work in a team based environment
  • Strong financial modeling skills
  • Proficiency at operating Microsoft Office products 
  • Create PPTs for client portfolios.

4. Machine Learning Experts

A Machine Learning Expert is a professional specialized in developing Machine learning. An expert develops algorithms which can “learn” from or adapt to the data and make important predictions.  He / She provides technical support for program management and also business development activities that include customer development and proposal writing. A Machine Learning Expert discovers designs and develops analytical methods for supporting novel approaches of data. So, if you are a team player with excellent technical and engineering skills, then Machine Learning job is perfect for you. 

    Average Salary Package: Rs. 6 – 12 Lakhs Per Annum

  • MA in Computer Science Or
  • Computer Science Engineering Or
  • Master’s in Computer Applications

   Skills required:

  • Updated with new and latest technologies
  • A firm understanding of algorithm theory
  • Sharp programming skills
  • Attention to detail

5. Data Scientist

In today’s fast paced World, technology is breaking all the conventions. Data Scientist is the new field of study that combines programming skills, mathematical knowledge and statistics to extract meaningful insights from the data. Data Scientists apply algorithms to images, text, numbers, videos and audios to produce Artificial Intelligence for performing tasks that require human intelligence. A Data Scientist specialist automates the repetitive modeling tasks, making enterprises embrace machine learning more accessible than ever. Today, most of the companies are realizing the importance of data science. Organizations who wish to remain competitive must implement data science. Demand of data scientists is highly increasing. Hence, it deserves to be counted as the highest paying job in 2023.

     Average Salary Package: Rs. 7 to 14 Lakhs Per Annum

  •  Master’s degree in data or related field, IT, Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
  •  Gain experience in the field you want to work (Physics, Business and Healthcare)

    Skills Required:

  • Deep knowledge of statistics
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Calculating the risks associated with specific business models
  • Analyze data for business intelligence
  • Ability to work with unstructured data

6. Oil and Natural Gas Experts:

Extracting natural resources, exploring oil and gas fields, and refining them for their future use is one of the biggest industries in the World.  Oil and gas engineers, the highest paying job contribute a lot towards manufacturing everyday products. They play an important role in monitoring the operating inefficiencies, enhancing productivity level and price fluctuations. Their guidance and advices help companies solve various issues related to unplanned downtime. Oil and Gas engineers form important strategies and processes related to Oil and Natural Gas which play an important role for producing electricity, fueling vehicles and even heating buildings.

        Average Salary Package: Rs. 4 to 12 Lakhs Per Annum
        Qualifications: B.E. / B. Tech in Oil & Gas

       Skills Required:

  • Mathematical and Computer Skills
  • Creative thinking and analytical skills
  • Skilled at Communicating and Problem solving
  • Acquaintance with regulatory and compliance implications
  • Expertise in handling advanced technology
  • Ability to work in adverse conditions

7. Merchant Navy:

If you want to travel the World around and earn good amount of money, then Merchant Navy is the best job to opt for. A Merchant Navy officer is the highest paying job in India. He is fully engaged in the transportation industries for transporting cargo and passengers through the sea routes. There are different cadres in Merchant Navy like – Captain, Chief Officer, and Deck Cadet etc.  Merchant Navy is a really hardworking job. A person is expected to work under harsh working conditions. During emergency days, one is required to work for long hours with less sleep. Merchant Navy professionals have to undergo regular examinations in order to attain promotions.

      Average Salary Package: Rs. 7 – 15 Lakhs Per Annum
     Qualifications: B.E – Marine Engineering

      Skills Required:

  • An eye for detail
  • Physical fitness to lift heavy items
  • Ability to work in flexible hours
  • Practical nature
  • Mechanical skills

8. Pilot

Pilots are responsible for flying Aircrafts to transfer people and cargo from one place to another. Pilots make sure that all the cargos have been loaded properly and the aircraft weight is also properly balanced. Pilots make sure that they communicate with the flight attendants and perform pre-flight checklist on hydraulics, engine es and other systems. Pilots are really quick to take action like informing passengers if turbulence is happening or emergency to take certain precautions.

     Average Salary Package: Rs. 12 to 50 Lakhs Per Annum
     Qualifications: Minimum age is 18 Years and a person must have a flying license either private pilot license or a commercial pilot license

     Skills Required:

  • Excellent English language skills
  • High physical and mental fitness
  • Spatial awareness and coordination
  • Team working skills

9. Blockchain Developer

Here comes another highest salary job – Blockchain Developer. A Blockchain Developer is responsible for optimizing protocols related to blockchain and develops smart web apps by using blockchain technology. He/she designs the network architecture that centralizes or decentralizes the whole data.

   Average Salary Package: Rs. 4 to 14 Lakhs Per Annum
   Qualifications: B.Tech in IT
    Skills required:

  • Proficiency in programming language – Java Script, C++, Python etc.
  • Familiarity with foundations of cryptography
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Sound background in software development
  • Brainstorm about new applications of new technologies

10. Luxury Brand Manager

Luxury brand manager is one of the most modern job profiles. With the increase in materialistic approach in lifestyle of urban popultaion, luxury brand manager job profile is huge in demand and has become one of the highest salary jobs in India.  A luxury brand manager conducts market research for luxury products, organize marketing campaigns, manage brand budgeting and collaborate with luxury designers.

      Average Salary Package: Rs. 3 – 12 Lakhs Per Annum
     Qualifications: Masters in Luxury Brand Management

     Skills required:

  • ·         Good leadership skills
  • ·         Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • ·         Better grasp on aesthetic knowledge
  • ·         Innovative mindset
  • ·         Team building abilities
  • ·         Natural flair for networking
  • ·         Ability to perform under pressure

Top college for Luxury Brand Management:

Most of the colleges offering Luxury Brand Management enrolls students on the basis of their aptitude tests, often followed by a round of personal interview.  However, a few institutes provide direct admission on the basis of candidate’s performance in graduation. In Delhi, there are a lot of reputed Luxury Brand Management colleges; but, Luxury Connect Business School is the best one.

About Luxury Connect Business School

Luxury Connect Business School offers MBA in Luxury Brand Management. The course content of this course is designed keeping standards of industry in mind. The college has collaborated with international universities to provide global perspective to the students. Whether it’s Fashion Industry, Retail Industry, Health & Fitness Industry, Hospitality Industry or Interior Industry, the knowledge gained during the course duration helps the young aspirants work in various sectors of the luxury industry.

So, get in touch with us today and enroll now. We’d be happy to help you in setting the path of successful career ahead.


Highest Paying Jobs in India :

Chartered Accountant

Rs. 8 to 75 Lakhs Per Annum

Machine Learning Experts

Rs. 7 to 14 Lakhs Per Annum

Business Manager

Rs. 6 – 8 Lakhs Per Annum

Luxury Brand Manager

Rs. 3 – 12 Lakhs Per Annum

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      Retailers Association’s Skill Council of India (RASCI) under aegis of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), A Government of India body, accredits Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS).
      LCBS has proudly created programs and systems which are in line with the above policy framework. Affiliation inspectors have certified our school as the only one following the prescribed international standard norms for retail in Luxury and premium goods & services. We have of course further specialized into ‘FASHION RETAIL’ and ‘LUXURY RETAIL’ via executive programs, on line programs, student programs and several certificate programs.
      We are proud to be recognized and contribute to the prime Ministers vision of a ‘Skilled India’.