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Learning Doctrine

The 5 Directional Learning Doctrine

Learning Centric:

Contents developed by research, industry specific & industry warranted, that capture implicit skilling needs focusing on ease of learning and practical utilization of the learning.

Blended Coaching:

Imparting knowledge beyond the structure of the classrooms, blended with personalized mentoring.

Social Learning:

Understanding the subjects through social mediums, workspace and real time experiences, besides group discussions with peers and fellow students.

Knowledge Vs Information:

Shorter sessions – specific topics – skilled delivery – reinforcing better retention of subject.

Romancing The Tales:

Scenario based training that uses persona and a narrative style to evoke emotional involvement in understanding the nuances of the subject.
Learning Outcomes

The emphasis at Luxury Connect Business School whilst imparting each of the pedagogic programs in

Luxury, Fashion & Retail, is to ensure that the student acquires the requisite skill level to become an asset in the relevant industry.

The focus is in keeping with the current government and our Honorable Prime Minister’s dream motto that the NATION’s future lies in creating the best skill force through dynamic skill based training and education.

LCBS endeavors to uphold this vision and thus is committed to ensure that the best mentors and tools are available to impart this.

The ambition of the Institution is to ‘search – nurture – adapt – train – impart & create’, the finest force that will produce assets for the industry. The best of them will take leadership roles in various segments of tomorrow’s INDIA.