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Successful Milestone





Apr-22 : Versace recruits 1st student from LCBS

Apr-22 : Lamborghini India Corporate Office recruits 1st student from LCBS


Mar-21 : Mr Abhay Gupta was awarded a certificate for a distinguished speaker at ASMA India’s Top Admission Counsellor Summit & Awards 2021.

Aug-21 : Hugo Boss recruits 1st student from LCBS.

Aug-21 : Emporio Armani recruits 1st student from LCBS

Nov-21 : Successfully enrolled 12th batch for PGDLM




Jan-20 : Enrolled 4th Winter Batch for PGDLM

July-20 : Successful 100% placements for Batch 8 done keeping the Covid situation in mind.

Aug-20 : Successfully enrolled 10th Batch for PGDLM

Nov-20 : Chanel recruits 2nd student from LCBS.

Dec-20 : Successfully done 1st international placement. Students get place with Square Yard , Dubai.




Jan-19 : Enrolled 3rd winter Batch for PGDLM

Feb-19 : 7 years of Pioneering Excellence in the Luxury Education Domain of India.

May-19 : Listed as “India’s 10 Best Institute for Diploma Education 2019” by The Knowledge Review Magazine

Aug-19 : Successfully enrolled 8th Batch for PGDLM

Nov-19 : Chanel recruits 1st student from LCBS




Jan-18 : Successfully launch 5th batch for PGDLM

Jun-18 : “Abhay Gupta’s Paper on The 5 C’s Value Framework for Luxury Brands in Emerging markets 2018″ published in ‘The Art and Scienceof Luxury- An Asian perspective’


Jul-18 : Louis Vuitton recruits 1st student from LCBS

Aug-18 : Enrolled 6th Batch for PGDLM

Dec-18 : Louis Vuitton recruits 2nd student from LCBS

Dec-18 : MOU signed with Accademia Del Lusso




Jan-17 : Launch of First winter batch (Batch 3) for PGDLM

Jul-17 : Launched DDFS Retail academy in collaboration with

Aug-17 : Launch of 4th Batch in PGDLM

Jul-17 : Sotheby’s & Ethos watches come on board for recruiting students from LCBS

Sep-17 : Successfully launch Luxury Cruxx- a catalyst platform to share luxury related latest news.

Nov-17 : Rolex recruits 1st student from LCBS




Aug-16 : Enrolled 2nd Batch for PGDLM

Jul-16 : 100% Placement of first batch with Uber Luxury Brands




Jul-15 : Launch of Post Graduate & Certificate Programs

Aug-15 : Launch of 1st Batch in PGDLM.




Feb-14 : 1st Executive Diploma Program began in Feburary

Aug-14 : Campus Foundation of The Luxury Connect Business School

Aug-12 : 2nd Executive Diploma Program begins




Jan-13 : Luxury Retail Service Skills for Delhi Duty Free by LCBS

Apr-13 : LCBS steps out of Delhi, First Workshop in Mumbai on Luxury Brand Strategy Skills

Jun-13 : Luxury Brands Strategy Skills workshop followed by Luxury Retail and Service Skills workshop in Bangalore

Jul-13 : Luxury Brands Service Skills workshop in Mumbai

Oct-13 : MOU signed with International University of Monaco for Certified track Programs as part of LCBS Diploma and Post Graduate Programs




Feb-12 : 1 Launch of Luxury Connect + Luxury Connect Business School

May-12 : LCBS took its first step towards short track programs by conducting Luxury Customer Experience Management workshop

Aug-12 : Our first corporate training program with Good Earth

Sep-12 : LCBS with Jean Claude Roustant conducted a corporate training program on luxury customer experience management for Genesis Luxury

Oct-12 : Second workshop on Luxury Customer Experience Management with Jean Claude Roustant