Gitansh Kumar

I cannot express my joy and gratitude of how lucky I have been able to study under your mentorship. It was my cherished dream to only be in the automotive world and now I realize my blunder- of having been so blinded by the same. LCBS did organize for us almost 6-7 companies including the best of luxury auto-mobile brands such as Lamborghini and I was going to jump for it.

But your sound counseling put me on the right track and made me choose a world reknowned luxury company-amongst the best in the concierge service. This job is not only giving me such a wide variety of roles to play but also the exposure is tremendous. In fact my automobiles dreams are also being fulfilled as I also get to del with BMW 7 s-the super luxury car customers.

My parents are also proud of me and we are all grateful to LCBS for having mentored me through this journey and put me on the road to success. My best regards to all the faculty members and my mentors and to Akshay for tirelessly guiding us in the industry.

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