Rahul Singh

Founder & CEO - Beer Cafe

Professional turned Serial Entrepreneur; I have been involved with numerous sports & lifestyle brands for the past 21 years. After dabbling with many ventures, I now have a single focus – and that’s to make The Beer Cafe the largest, fastest and most profitable alcobeverage service brand in India. I was also the Founder & MD of the innovative concept, Golfworx which was India’s first and the world’s largest indoor golf club. As CEO, Greg Norman Collection India from 2007-09, I spearheaded the brand’s operation involving sales, marketing and manufacturing. Prior to 2007, was the Executive Director at Reebok India for 8 years and part of the leadership teams, which made Reebok the undisputed market leader. I was responsible for the apparel business at Reebok India and also setup a sound-sourcing base for exports from South Asia.

My stint as a founder member of Triburg consultants for 5 years, from 1994 to 1999 was spent in pursuing business from numerous interna- tional brands like Liz Claiborne, PVH group, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, Nautica, Motherswork, Carligry among others.

A Textile Engineer, I bring in an analytical approach to each line of enterprise that I get into. Married to a fashion designer with a 13 year old son, am a gizmo freak, single malt collection, marathon runner and a certified scuba diver. Fortunately, Beer is in my line of business.

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