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Executive MBA
In today’s dynamic world, exceptional skills can only help an individual sail through their incredible career journey. It is important to select the right course which can not only acquaint an individual with relevant subject matter, but also help gain extensive knowledge in a particular field to be able to apply them in the current...
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Can you imagine the presence of any brand without the effort of a brand manager? It’s next to impossible. The Brand Manager plays a pivotal role in glorifying a brand identity and ensuring it as the market fit. Almost every modern organization hires an experienced and the skilled brand manager to help the company define...
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Luxury Brand Management
With the increased purchasing power of people today, aspiration to inculcate luxury into their lifestyles is extremely high. People have become conscious about their status and they want to experience superlative things in life to feel the ultimate pleasure and comforts. And the best thing is that all their luxurious fantasies are possible in current...
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Fashion Trends 2021
Fashion has become an inevitable part of our lifestyle. And why not? Fashion pumps up our mood and boosts our self-esteem to make us feel special. It is also an aesthetic expression which silently talks about our personality and aspirations. Fashion without trends is like a sea without waves. Trends keep fashion alive and allow...
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A decade ago, imparting online courses was just a vague idea. But the year 2020 – A year of pandemic has unleashed the power of virtual platform. A lot of institutes had started offering online courses like Online Coding, Digital Marketing, Luxury Brand Management Online etc. to continue the process of learning while maintaining social...
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What is Luxury Fashion? Luxury Fashion is beyond the daily necessities of our lives. It is mostly consumed by the elite class, and that’s why it is much high in price. The materials used in curating Luxury Fashion item is usually esteemed in quality, design and craftsmanship. Irrespective of materials and labor, the retailers of...
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