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For the growth of a Nation’s economy, the growth of its businesses is extremely important. However, the processes involved in running a business are often complex. A person who has great skills and fine expertise can manage businesses in the best way. A manager provides leadership to others and delegates authority to subordinates.  So, if...
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Masters in Luxury Brand Management
Luxury industry is one of the most flourishing industries of recent times. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, it is one of the first industries to take a hit in times of crisis. However, it has proved to be resilient throughout this period. This industry is bouncing back more strongly than anyone could have anticipated. Instilled with...
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How to get a job in the Luxury Industry?
Luxury industry is one of the most flourishing industries worldwide. With drastic change in fashion trends, lifestyle, better annual income and awareness about the aesthetic brands, people love to make most of luxurious products and services. This implies that future of luxury industry is really great. As per the recent report released by Deloitte, luxury...
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Can you imagine the presence of any brand without the effort of a brand manager? It’s next to impossible. The Brand Manager plays a pivotal role in glorifying a brand identity and ensuring it as the market fit. Almost every modern organization hires an experienced and the skilled brand manager to help the company define...
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Luxury Brand Management
With the increased purchasing power of people today, aspiration to inculcate luxury into their lifestyles is extremely high. People have become conscious about their status and they want to experience superlative things in life to feel the ultimate pleasure and comforts. And the best thing is that all their luxurious fantasies are possible in current...
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A decade ago, imparting online courses was just a vague idea. But the year 2020 – A year of pandemic has unleashed the power of virtual platform. A lot of institutes had started offering online courses like Online Coding, Digital Marketing, Luxury Brand Management Online etc. to continue the process of learning while maintaining social...
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