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Keeping the contemporary lifestyles in mind, there should be no surprise to see the growth of the luxury industry. The market for luxury goods witnessed a growth of 5% in 2017. Good news is that this trend is expected to be there until 2020. Sales of luxury goods of the top companies have witnessed a...
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The present scenario: In the present job market, MBA is no more a fascination. In Fact it is completely saturated as hundreds of thousands of MBAs from Tier 2 and Tier 3 B Schools seek fewer and fewer available jobs. Even if they manage to find one, they certainly need to settle for less. Besides,...
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Accademia del Lusso is pleased to announce a new partnership in India with Luxury Connect Business School, LCBS and together have crafted a new 12 weeks program for students to experience Made in Italy and Luxury Goods Industry in Italy. This 12-week course structure is curated as a 3-month optional term, as an inclusive part...
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