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Global Luxury Brand Management


It’s been not so long when there wasn’t a luxury culture in India. We can easily look back and trace those times and realize how fast it has evolved. The elite class of the society has witnessed several international big players in luxury sector step into the Indian market. The luxury segment envelopes a vast range of products and services like apparels, leather goods, watches, spirits, perfumes, automobiles, exotic vacation packages and real estate. Such a rise in the industry has created a demand for an entirely fresh career opportunities like Global luxury brand management. This career option does not only invite students who want to break the monotony but also those who want to explore more.

Global luxury brand management is a vibrant and glamorous space to be in. This is a course in the luxury studies that imparts knowledge and understanding about the industry and its management, along with the social aesthetics that are essentially a part of living and human interaction. The Global luxury brand management helps brands with attributes, legacy, brand story and all the elements that makes it stand out in the globally.

Introduction to Global Luxury Brand Management

Global luxury brand management is a program that presents a center stage for the international knowledge about the world of luxury. This course is developed in close collaboration with companies in the luxury sector. These are usually adjusted and reassessed in order to align with the current and future economic issues.

It is a “Global” programme in luxury studies. It trains students in the General Management and activities for a successful Business Policy, Control and Financial matters, Logistics and Supply Chain. This leads the students to become General Managers of Luxury subsidiaries in different countries. The Global luxury brand management stands out because of its wide content:

  • Creativity is the most important element of a brand that helps make its own identity in the market. Global luxury brand management is a way to learn various aspects of the brand and provide ideas as it focuses on the Management of Creation.
  • This course helps you learn special skills in digital marketing and social media.
  • Global luxury brand management is the current best training in Luxury Retailing and Merchandising.

Global luxury brand management provides high-potential profiles to luxury companies. The course enables them with qualified and skilled graduates, seeking to join the luxury business development or retailing. This course has a goal to become crossroads of international knowledge and interaction relating to world of luxury.

Career Opportunities with Global luxury brand management

There are several positions in the luxury management that after graduating, you can opt for: Luxury brand manager, Luxury store manager, Luxury marketer, Luxury operations, Luxury shopping consultant, Luxury brand merchandiser, Luxury publicity & PR manager, etc.

Your industry knowledge and skill set will help you reach the top management. Entrepreneurship is yet another domain where you can excel, depending upon your interest and capabilities. Luxury brands are seeking professionals with extraordinary management skill, who can help the brand reach new heights and leaders who can think ahead of time. A graduate with an innovative mind is not only appreciated in the luxury sector, but also rewarded in various ways.

A brand manager is hired for his out of the box approach and understanding in bits about everything else like marketing, sales, finance, CRM, PR, logistics and warehousing.

There are institutes that offer undergraduate programs in Global Luxury Brand Management and post graduate programs for luxury brands. When it comes to the global luxury brand management, the institutes prefer taking it to the next level. They take their students to various luxury seminars that are organized in the country. These seminars widens their thought process. Also these institutes takes their students to study trips to different countries. There are exchange programs in the institutes that help students get exposure and understanding of varied cultures. With all these benefits of the holistic learning experience and after completing a degree in global luxury brand management, you can select your choice of job profile in various luxury segments:

  • Sales and Luxury brand Professionals
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Luxury Retail operations
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Product category Specialist

The luxury segment is a glamorous space where you not only explore your professional possibilities but also get to live the life that you wanted to. From travelling to exotic places, staying in plush properties, to dinner meets and parties at the best hotels and restaurants, your job gets you the lifestyle and joy of living your life to the fullest.

Having all the perks and additional benefits, it’s a welcoming industry. Would you not want a fulfilling life that is outlined by luxury in all its true sense? Join the force. Know more about it by leaving your query at

Global Luxury Brand Management Course Details

Institute Name Luxury Connect Business School
Course Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Brand Management Course
Course Type On Campus
Duration 16 Months
Eligibility Graduation from Any Stream

Frequently Asked Questions Global Luxury Brand Management:

1. What is Global Luxury Management?

Global luxury brand management is a course offered by various luxury management schools that helps its students with skills and knowledge about the luxury sector and brands and how they compete and survive. This course lets you have an insight into the functioning of big brands.

The luxury schools partner with luxury brands and then provide them with skilled and qualified workforce.

2. Why Global Luxury Management with LCBS?

Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS) is a renowned name in the luxury management education sector. The school offers best of the faculty, infrastructure and experiential learning to its students. LCBS has a global tie up with the leading fashion school in Italy and it maintains the global standards of educations. Along with the international advantages, the school also provides a competitive edge that makes the students ready for their professional lives.

3. What are the career opportunities in Global Luxury Brand Management?

Global luxury brand management is a course targeted to build strategic brand managers and opens up gates of opportunities in fashion industry and advertising.

A wide range of profiles that you can explore:

  • Fashion Retail buyer
  • Brand Strategist
  • Luxury Brand Manager
  • Supply chain manager for a luxury brand
  • Luxury marketing director
  • Communication manager

It allows you to explore interesting profiles as each one has a rising demand with good remuneration and additional perks.

4. After studying Global Luxury Management what are the earnings?

Luxury industry pays you in great sums. Pursue a degree in global luxury brand management, and enjoy an elite life. The standard salary package that is offered starts from 50 thousand to 3.5 lac a month. Apart from the salary package, there are numerous benefits and perks that adds to a peaceful life. From travelling allowances to regular dinner meets, brand souvenirs to discounted experiences, your job with a luxury brand lets you enjoy a fulfilling life.

5. Will I have a good career after studying Global Luxury Management?

A degree in global luxury brand management promises you a life of an elite. With a handsome salary package to travelling around the world, this course will change your life into a luxurious dream. With a rise in the luxury goods and services, brands needs more professionals who can take their brands to new levels of success. This ensures a good job after you complete your studies.

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